Thursday 18 August 2016

Fruitless Loving

Should I call it fruitless loving…or I really don’t know what else to call it because it is really fruitless.
Fruitless loving is when you fall in love with someone who does not love you in return or to someone who is so not your type. By type, I mean someone who is as responsible and romantic as you are. As a female, when you fall in love fruitlessly, you feel dejected and ignored. You’ll feel cheap and bad about yourself. You’ll sometimes wonder whether you can be good enough for another person if you’re not good enough for the one you love.
As a woman, falling fruitlessly in love is like drowning in deep water. You wonder how the men do not know that when a woman is in love, she is truly in love. You wonder why they make you feel cheap and inferior for expressing your feelings. Falling in love fruitlessly is like expecting coconut rice and beef in a coffee shop.
As a woman, falling in love fruitlessly makes you think about the very man who loves you wholeheartedly but you do not in return. You therefore feel the pain of what he is feeling and those you have told to get the hell out. You wish love was like Bluetooth….only if it was, the love would have been transferred to the man you love fruitlessly.
Fruitlessly? Why fruitlessly? I’m at the end of this writing and I still doubt the use of the word ``fruitless`` along with love. This is because love can never be fruitless. Love is not all about having deep affection for someone and dreaming of a happy ever after. Love also means letting go when the need arises. Love means learning the meaning of life and knowing when to stay or leave. Love is sweet ,love is pain, love is very emotional….whichever kind of love you develop, know how to manage.
As a female ,if you therefore get to fall in love….fruitlessly(just to stress the point),know when to LET GO and when to KEEP ON TRYING because that’s what love is all about.
Being in love does not mean you are dumb, cheap, weak or soft centered. It means you follow the natural occurrences life got to offer us….so if you’re a female, don’t fall in love fruitlessly!!!


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