Monday 8 August 2016

Morning Cheesecake

Good Morning to you!!! How was your night? I hope it was as great as mine?
Okay, it’s another beautiful day. The sky is beautiful, the weather is normal, the birds are chirping…it’s just too beautiful to comment.
I won’t be able to witness another beautiful day without the mercy of God Almighty. Waking up heartily this morning is not by my power or money but for the love, mercy and grace He has for me. I know that no amount of praise or thanks can outdid the numerous and uncountable bounties He has provided but I just want to say THANK YOU GOD.
Witnessing another day is a kind of motivation for you to achieve all you dreamt of achieving in this life. Life is too short to procrastinate that thing you’re bent on doing. Don’t give up. The word IMPOSSIBLE does not really exist. Have a lovely and blessed day ahead.


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