Monday 22 August 2016

Morning Cheesecake

Good Morning to you all. Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Well, It's Monday again. The weekend was rather fast... I don't know if you felt that way too.
Something struck my mind this morning while writing. It's about 'family'. The fact that I'd be seeing my dad after several months and my mom for weeks makes my heart flutter. You see I read some where that "the only people in your life who want you to do better than them are your parents. Every body else will at some stage get jealous if you do better than them".
I totally agree with that. Even siblings and friends get jealous of themselves. It's okay trusting the one you fall in love with,but one thing remains for sure. That no matter what kind of rift or crises that happen within your family, deep down inside they're the only one that truly love you and will never desert you. There are things that a sibling will do and that'll hurt you so much,you'll feel like the person should apologize sincerely for the hurt done but when it doesn't happen, you feel worse... and then forget about it because "uff...this is someone I spend all my says with. For how long will I keep on hovering over that. Let me forget it jhoor". That's family for you!
Anyway it's Monday again. A fresh start for new things. Life is too short but still the longest thing you can do; so make good use of it.
What are your wishes for today and how're you bent on achieving it. It's up to you to make them come true.
Have a great day.



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