Sunday 21 August 2016

The Advantages of Falling in Love

Love you know is an unpredictable feeling that can happen to someone. One of the best things that can happen to someone is to love and be loved in return.
Falling in love should be at the right time and also to the right person. When this is achieved, a person feels happier and love oneself more than before.
Researchers provide evidence that people of all ages benefit from being in love.
According to Vernon Coleman:-
-          A cuddle by a patient may have strong healing powers.
-          A loving kiss everyone with someone you love helps you live five years longer (ha ha-now this is funny and unbelievable).
-          Going to work with a kiss lingering on your lips will reduce the likelihood of accident on the way.
-          Babies who gets lots of love from their parents grow into a more emotionally stable children that those who do not get enough.
-          Children deprived of love became emotionally tougher than children with lots of love.
-          Constantly changing partners increases chances of having a heart attack or other stress-related disorders.
-          When in love, the body produces numerous essential hormones making someone healthier.
-          Being in love make you look more attractive. (Do you really believe this?)
Some ways in which being in love can improve your body are:-
1.       Love can help one look younger by keeping the skin soft and smooth. This reduces chance of developing wrinkles and other skin disorders.
2.       Regular kissing can make one more attractive. It can give your lips extra colour and improve their shape.
3.       Love can make one’s hair look shinier and healthier.
4.       Being in love can give your eyes bigger pupils and make them look more attractive and dramatic.
5.       Being in love increases one’s sensitivity to touch making every caress light a fire inside of the person.
6.       Being in love can increase the blood flow to your skin increasing the supply of essential food and oxygen to your skin cells. This can make you look healthier.
7.       Being in love improves one’s self confidence.
8.       Love can help reduce asthma, arthritis, hay fever, nasal congestion and even a headache!
Let me add this… being in love can improve your morals. When you fall in love with a well mannered person, you get motivated, you learn more about life.
Being in love makes you patient, fore-bearing, cool-tempered, friendly and more beautiful.
Remember to fall in love with someone who loves you just the same way.
Get married to someone you love. Select good criteria for your definition of love e.g. religiousness, behavior, beauty etc.
Bye and good luck in your quest for real love.


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