Sunday 25 September 2016

Morning Cheesecake

A happy Sunday to everyone. How much are you enjoying the weekend. I hope it's in a way expected.
Okay, I'm going to talk about a lovely and emotional novel I read on wattpad titled "100 Voicemails".
This is a story about two teenage lovers who were deeply in love with each other. The boy had an accident and was in coma for months. This made his lover very depressed. She lost all her friends, starting drinking and taking weed; and even lost her Parents to a divorce. She however formed the habit of sending voicemails to his phone everyday about how her day went. She longed for him to revive from his coma and get back to her 'cos life without him for pointless.
When it got to the 99th voicemail, She was highly frustrated  that after two months, he still hadn't woken up. She gave up on him for surrendered for a suicide. At the 100th voicemail, She was singing their best song and killed herself...and after that, he woke up. He had lost his memory but listening to the voicemail, he wondered the girl that must have loved him so much. Listening to the 100th voicemail, he was crying hard and praying She hadn't killed herself. He ran out of the hospital but it was too late. She was gone already!
No matter the challenge in life, suicide is not a best option. In love, there is time to fall heedlessly in it, be patient and to let go. I wish you have time to read this lovely story.
Have a great Sunday everyone!


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