Monday 19 September 2016

Morning Cheesecake

I read a novel on wattpad titled "Life with the Walter boys" where Jackie (the protagonist) who lost her family in New York relocated to Colorado to stay with her late mom's best friend who had twelve boys. It was very devastating for Jackie living with twelve boys in a single house. The Walter boys were tagged as "cute and handsome" in the area. Two of the Walter boys had a crush on her and they took it as a competition to win her love.
Rivalry, jealousy and competition is always existent among families and friends. Cole and Alex could have gotten prettier girls but because Alex knew that Cole had feelings for Jackie and he also did, he saw it as a chance to win Jackie's heart and get over Cole who always did better than him in appearance, grades and everything. Jealousy and competition is a common feature in the human heart but it depends on how it is being deployed. You can get jealous of someone successful as a drive to be like... or even better than the person but don't let envy get in your way. Don't wish bad for others because you're jealous of their position and what they have and you don't.
Oops... Good Morning everyone. If you're  really a great lover of novels, then Monday is a day that the Nitty's blog showcases the top ten novels of the week. It's Monday you all know, so make fresh start on ways to achieve your dreams. We're all achievers, once we don't quit.
Have a fruity Monday!


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