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Albert Christopher-Leader of the Sixters. Albert is a very ambitious youth in his mid twenties who believes that he is always right.
He's not content with his family's condition and needs money to achieve his dreams such as having his masters education in Germany.
A final year(400 level) student of Accounting in University of Ilorin, Nigeria.
He is in a love relationship with Ella Okoro.
Ella Okoro- A beautiful, lovely and affluent woman in her early twenties. She hails from a very wealthy home. Her father's the manager of an accounting firm and her mother runs a boutique. She is averagely intelligent but her parent wants her to top the department of Economics. Wants to become a broadcaster but her parents disapprove of it.
Very creative and draw lovely designs for the Sixters production. A final year student economics in University of Ilorin.
She's  in a love relationship with Albert Christopher but her parents doesn't approve of it because of his family background.
Natasha Kunle-Pretty, sexy, trendy, sassy and pompous. She sustained a scholarship to study Fashion designing in UK. She's from a comfortable family but claims the lifestyle of a wealthy background.
She loves Dean Okei but would never admit. Schools and lives in London, UK.
Maliha Uthman-Beautiful, lovely, fashionable, intelligent and religious lady from a comfortable and honourable Muslim family.
A nineteen year old first-class student of English and literature from University of
Ilorin. She's also in her final year.
She's a creative writer, designer and also a blogger. Also designs for the Sixters Production.
Strongly believes in love and deeply searching for it. Faces challenges of pressure from her parents who wants her to be engaged.
Ayodeji Bruce- An handsome and witty bookworm in his early twenties. He's brilliant and a nerd. He spends all his time on books. He's from a wealthy background of parents who are always busy and rarely have time for him.
Faces low self esteem and does not know how to express his feelings to his girlfriend. This makes him quiet most of the time.
A final year student of Medicine and Surgery from University of Ilorin.
Dean Okei- A half cast in nature. This is because he has a blood of British and Nigerian. He's  very tall, fair, handsome and charming. Born to a British mother who left him since he was young and a Nigerian father who happen to be a drunkard. The bad lifestyle of his father strongly affects him emotionally.
Deeply in love with Natasha Kunle.

Sixters is a story of six lovely friends. They're also partners in the Sixters Fascinating Branding and Designs Company where the designs of complimentary cards, jotters, exercise books and customized shirts are being made.
Read as the sixters share their life story in terms of friendship, love, relationship, family, dreams and so on.

                                                     Chapter One
Albert Christopher
"This month's sale has been a huge success and this means more profit to our business because people are beginning to get aware of The Sixters Fascinating designs. Thanks to the awesome designers amongst us; Maliha's blog and the helpful fashion ideas from Natasha. Suprisingly, our profit margin has been increased to more than 30% this February". I say as everyone cheer. We are at the Sixters board room where we do hold our meetings. Everyone's present except Natasha who happens to also be present through the laptop courtesy to Skype. 
"I guess it is an achievement worth celebrating along with a fruity wine". I say as I reach over for some glasses of cups and pop the wine.
"So only me do not get to taste the wine". Natasha says through the laptop as she keeps examining her red-painted nails.
"I can keep yours till you get back to Nigeria". Dean says.
"Oh... whatever". She replies.
"Natasha, I called you several times this morning but you didn't pick".
"Last time I checked Neil, we're in a business meeting and so please don't bring personal matters into it. Talk to you guys later. Bye Albert! Bye Maliha".
"Bye Natasha" Maliha replies as Ella scoffs at her.
"Bye". I hang up, closed the laptop and pats Dean's shoulder.
I pour the wine into the cup and hold Ella's share. She is chatting with Maliha and I stare at her. She looks very beautiful in a pink gown and brown-leathered hat. I do not fail to notice the pink lipstick on her thick shapy lips and the eyeliner. She drew carefully on her lovely eyes just the way I love it. I can't keep my eyes off her as she smiles talking to Maliha. Maliha signals her of my stare and she walks over to me.
"For how long have you been staring at me?" She asks grinning widely.
"For as long as I noticed your captivating presence" I smile giving her the cup of wine.
"Why didn't you call me this morning?"
"I'm sorry love. I didn't have credit. But I messaged you on whatsapp".
"Like that is like hearing your voice". She roll her eyes.
"Don't tell me you're angry".
"Of course not. Have you checked the scholarship list?"
"Is it out?" I ask shocked. I wrote the scholarship exam and I've been yearning for being among those chosen.
"Yes love. I think you should".
"What can I do without you. You look beautiful sweet. I'm sorry for just commenting".
"Oh thanks". She blushes
"Oh yeah stop blushing. You've heard that a million times... " Maliha chuckles as she interrupts us.
"... okay lovebirds, you have to depart 'cos Ella and I have somewhere to go". She says dragging her.
"Okay then, talk to you later. Love you!
"Love you too"
"Let's get going Dean".
"How about Ayodeji?" Maliha asks as we all turn to look at him who is busy with his phone. We almost forgot he exist there.
"Yes... Oh!" He answers absent-minded" Sorry guys. I've been skimming through a text book. I've got test tomorrow". He replies
"So ain't you coming along with us?"
"My driver's coming. I'll just remain here" He gives a weak smile as we turn and head our way. Maliha places her hands over Ella's shoulder as they walk in front while Dean and I follow at the back.
"I don't know Albert, the way Natasha behaves towards me. It's like I don't exist despite knowing that I love her. It's like everyone hates me. My mom never took care of me, my drunkard dad doesn't care about me and the only person I love with all my life doesn't want me in her life".
Dean says almost in tears. This is one big thing I hate about hanging around with Dean. He keeps on lamenting about his life. Come on, he's cute and handsome. I know the way ladies stare at him when we walk. Why Natasha? Oh well, he loves her.
"You don't have to keep lamenting. You can't force people into your life. Be yourself. Optimize your potentials. They're a lot of good things awaiting you". I lecture Dean for the millionth time. I know I'll do the same tomorrow.
"Okay, but I can't give up on Natasha. I'll keep struggling even with the last drop of my blood".
"And you remain single for life?"
"Come on. It's easy for you because you've got your girl. You've got Ella you love a lot and she loves you back. I have the believe that Natasha will confess her love for me".
"Maybe in your dreams guy. I've got to leave. See you later". We shake hands and I enter the nearest keke napep home.
                 *                                                             *                                                           *
Staring at the rickety unpainted house in front of me made my stomach wobble.
I don't even know what'll be for lunch.
At the varenda, I see my two little brothers struggle over a plate of eba and okazi soup. Hmm! The soup looks appetizing. At least we get something nice for lunch today. I enter the living room to see my Mother serving.
"Eh! Today na your lucky day Albert. Chibuzor don talk say e go chop your share" My Mother says as she serves My father.
"Good Afternoon Ma. Good Afternoon Sir. Chibuzor no try am o. Wetin you wan mey I chop".
"Welcome jare. But no meat o" .
"Eba sha dey. Thank you Mama". I reply as I enter the kitchen and reach for my food. After eating, I enter my room to search for the list of names. My hands shake nervously as I go through the list praying silently. I went over the list for several times but still can't see my name. I begin to sweat and don't even know when I start to cry.
I hear a knock on the door and My father comes in.
"Did they award you the scholar... Why are you crying like a child?" he asks confused.
I can't stand the tears. I thought the scholarship was my way of achieving my dream of schooling abroad.
"I lost the scholarship Papa".
"I told you what pays you in life. See your elder brother Nnamdi. He understands that it is burdensome and expensive to sponsor him in school and he went for handwork. Now he is making money and even helping us financially. After we have finish wasting our money for you on school, you now insist on going abroad again for Masters. Where is the money? You're on your own o!" he says and storms out.
I lay on my bed and cry. I feel bitter and I think of Ella; the love of my life. She's the only one that can make me feel better. I remember I don't have airtime and so I borrow from my network provider. I dial her number and she picks immediately.
"Hello love".
"My love, are you crying?" She asks nervously.
"I lost the scholarship love. I feel like a failure".
"No you're not Sweetheart. I'll be there in less than thirty minutes. Please stop crying. I hate it when you do so. I love you".
"I love you too". I sob on the phone.
"I'm on my way now". She says an hang the call.
I lay on my bed with tear soaked face awaiting Ella...
                                                    The Sixters Comment
Ella- My lovely Albert. I feel so sad by what is happening to him. He's the best thing that have ever happened to me. I wish life would turn around for him. (cries).
Maliha- Albert is a very smart and innovative guy. He's even the initiator of The Sixters Fascinating Designs. I know the future holds great things for him. He only got to be patient.
Dean- All I can say is that Albert lack contentment. I mean he's got lovely family even though they're not well-to-do. The main thing is that they love him and stand by him at all times. And more so, he's got Ella who love him and will always stand by him no matter what. So what please? He's in his final year for God's sake and having one's Masters abroad does not guarantee success in life.
Please cut that thrash. Tears? Oh My Gosh! Please grow up Albert.
Natasha- I don't pity Albert. It's Ella who got herself hooked with such a wretched guy. Mtschew!
Ayodeji- What can I say? I've got test tomorrow please!



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