Monday 24 October 2016

Morning Cheesecake

A happy new week and a lovely morning to y’all. I hope your weekend was as great as ever.
Its Monday again…wow! We can all see that time waits for no one. Why don’t you sit down and ponder. The year 2016 is running to an end and another year is coming to us gradually. What are the things you’ve achieved these past months? Are you satisfied and fulfilled by what you’ve achieved?
Well, if you’ve not, then I think it’s time to make those dreams come true. We do not know how long we’re spending on earth so let’s make every time count.
Something has struck my mind these few weeks which has lured me to put into writing. It’s just a simple four-lettered word but heavy to the tongue and difficult to experience. You’re still confused…what can this four-lettered word be? Just read on.
Have you ever been so addicted to someone that all you think of is the person? You see way more attractive persons but your mind is tuned to that person? You see the person and imagine how your future would look like. If you’ve really experienced that, then it is LOVE. Yeah, that’s the four-lettered. These days, people (mostly youths) mistake lust to love. There’s why there are lots of break up and divorces everywhere. To enjoy more of this, a new section is coming up on the Nitty Wall. It’s called “Love and the People”. I’ll love all to be a part of it because it is going to be fun, hilarious and most of all, educating.
It’s still a great day to achieve your dreams and aspirations. All you need is to put all hope in God and strive towards achieving your dreams no matter what it takes.
Have an aiming Monday!



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