Thursday 24 November 2016


           “My heart made its choice, and it chose you.” 
                                 How Does Love Feel?
Narrator: (Characters in this segment are Rose and John).

Rose: I don't know. It just feel different now that I'm in love.

John: (teases her) With who?

Rose: (roll her eyes) With you of course.

John: Better. So...tell me (he folds his arms), how does it feel like to be in love?

Rose: (deep in thought) I can't explain it. It's...It's just beyond explanation.

John: (sprays pop corn on her as he laughs hysterically) Whatever!

Rose: Whoa! That's what I'm saying about love. Like falling in love with someone like you. (She said as she also sprayed him pop corn, laughing).

John: And I love you...
                                                                                                          be continued
How does love feel? Whoa! I also can't answer that. This topic is really meant to be an interactive one where people will express their view on these because truthfully, two people might not have a similar answer to this. Unfortunately, we have no other view on this topic. I didn't publicize this week's topic which made people unable to send their views to my mailbox. I'm really sorry for this and I hope to see millions of messages for next week's topic.
Okay, to me, love  feeling is unimaginable. When you're in love, it's like you're a completely different person and you feel like the most special person on earth. You feel satisfied and confident in yourself because out of the billion people on earth, you're able to find one who is just all you want. You feel like spending the rest of your life with that person and you feel incomplete without the person. To me, that's what love feels like.
There's a lovely poem by Megan A. Smith to spice up this week's edition It's titled 'I Love You'. I hope you enjoy it.
                                           I Love You
I know you're there
but my world is so bare.
Nothing is standing in your way,
I'm hoping you can make it one more day.
Our relationship has grown so strong,
where could we have went so wrong.
You where there when I needed you,
Now I'm here for you to need  me too.
My love for you will stay the same,
never will I forget your name.
By my side, you will always stay,
I'll think of you day by day.
Megan A. Smith (February, 2006).

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