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Writers note:
Hey great fans of the Nitty Wall. Love and the people is a new and exciting segment that is being launched on the Nitty page. It grooms you on what love really means, how you can tell when you're in love and what it really feels like to be in love. Love these days is being compared to infatuation. It is therefore our duty to understand the simple, yet might word.
Love and the people centers on all aspects of love. Your views are deeply needed on this segment. Since this is the first post, the next topic will be given at the end of the writing and you are meant to send your view on that topic to Its promised to be interactive and entertaining. Have fun and happy reading!
“I'm done. I don't need anything more out of life. I have you, and that's enough.”
Alessandra Torre

                                                        What is Love?
(Characters in this segment are Rose and John).
Narrator: Rose sat on the chair of the eatery and stared at the man in front of her. He was the love of her life...but does he love her as much as she does?
Rose: John! (She calls but he is absent-mindedly busy with his phone) John! (she calls again).
John: Oh dear! (he drifts back to consciousness almost falling from his chair) You called me.
Rose: Yeah! This is meant to be a date. You're meant to be busy with me, not your phone! (She yells as her eye brow furrows).
John: I'm really sorry love. I just needed to reply a message. (he places his hands over his face).
Rose: We need to gain our grounds. Why are we engaged? Do you really love me?
John: Of course I do. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Rose: Seriously? I don't think you know what love is. Tell me, what is love?
John: (sighs) Ah...Rose. I can't explain love. I can't explain how I feel but I know I do love you.
Rose: If you love me as you say, you should be able to explain how you feel about me.
John: I love you so much...even if I can't explain how I feel (he whimpers).
Rose: I've had enough of today. Call me when you know how you feel.(she carries and starts to leave).
John: Rose, please wait...(he says but she is already at the door of the eatery. She leaves there without turning back and he let out a painful breath).
                                                                                                                    be continued.
Most people don't know the meaning of love. It's  quite more than what people think it to be.
Why do you think that a man will choose one woman out of the thousands of women and decide to spend the rest of his life with her?
Well, just like I've promised that this is going to be an interactive section, it's our first post and so we're taking comments from individuals who decided to share their view about love.
Reagan Colbert: Depends on what kind of love you're referencing. Love is being willing to lay down your life for someone. Love is the one feeling that can never be truly described in writing.
There's actually a song by my favourite artist, Tobymac, called "Love Feels Like". That I believe really describes the perfect kind of love.
Tayo: Love is a beautiful feeling that is mystical.
I'll end this lovely segment with a wonderful poem by Charles Wiles (courtesy of
                                   ...You Ask How Much I Love You

You ask how much I love you
And then you ask once more
And so my love I'll tell you now
As I did once before.

I love you more than the flowers love
The rising of the sun
I love you more than horses love
The plains on which they run.

I love you more than eagles love
The currents way up high
I love you more than the rainbows love
The droplets in the sky.

I love you more than fishes love
The sea in which they swim
I love you more than sea birds love
The waves on which they skim.

I love you  more than the moonbeams love
The planets as they turn
I love you more than starships love
The gases that they burn.

I love you more than Paris loved
Fair Helen when in Troy
I love you more than any girl
Has ever loved a boy.

I love you more than Shakespeare loved
The muses in his verse
I love you more than rich old men
Love money in their purse.

I love you more than lollipops
I love you more than cheese
I even love you somewhat more than
Than honey made by bees!

I love you more than yesterday,
And every day before,
But I think that when tomorrow comes
I'll love you even more.

I love you quite a lot you see
But this I must impress
I love you more than any words
Could ever help express.
(April, 2013)
Charles Wiles.

Join us next week. Since today's the introduction, it makes it a bit draggy. Don't you worry great fans of the Nitty Wall. It's promised to be better than this next time. The next topic will centre on "Is love materialism?". Please, send in your view on this topic to to have your name published in the next segment.
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