Tuesday 8 November 2016

Morning Cheesecake

Good Morning to y'all. Whoo...It's Tuesday again.
I don't know about where you are but right now, but it's really cold out here. I'm so loving this weather. I can't say if it's only for writers and artists but I get deep inspiration whenever it's about to fall. Whatever I write comes deep from heart and it's also a great time to meditate and appreciate the wonders in your life.
Do you have a best friend or someone that care about you? Someone you know will do anything for you? Well if you do, I'll advice you to keep that person close to you and hold he/her grip to your hand.
I met this new friend and we both agreed on something, that I should a short story on us. I pondered over it and saw that it was really a lovely thing to do. I've been writing on several areas but never have I written about two wonderful friends. I put this to you too, why don't you write a story or poem about your best friend or love and present it to him/her. For those who aren't good at writing, it could be a love quote by a romantic or even a simple 'one sentence' on whatsapp or through other medium. I tell you, it will mean a lot.
Okay, it's still a chilling and lovely day to achieve your big dreams and aspirations. There's a particular quote I love a lot. It says: "If your dream doesn't scare you, then it's not big enough".
This week is gonna be the first publication of a thrilling and exciting segment: From then Nitty Diary. It's promised to be hilarious. It'll be raw and straight from the mind, without minding what the readers say. It's just like reading from someone's diary. I hope y'all be a part of it.
Still don't forget to send your comments and view on the new topic "Is love materialism?" to abdulwahabmaryam11@yahoo.com. Your views and highly appreciated, and it'll be published this week on the segment 'Love and the People'.
Lest I forgot...today's the D-day for the Americans. We hope that the best candidate will be the one with the highest vote. There's a close shave between Trump and Clinton that we can't predict who would win. Well, let's wait till the results comes out.
Have a chilling Tuesday and much love from the Nitty Wall!



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