Thursday 17 November 2016

Morning Cheesecake

Good Morning everyone and a happy Thursday to you.
Stuck in a big traffic yesterday gave me enough time to reflect on the real meaning of life. Sincerely, I've not been myself since then.
The fact about life is that it is full of troubles. Yeah, there are times we become broody without any reason for it. We go through hard times, lose our loved one and live with the notion that everything in life is temporary.
What spice it all up is the happiness and joy that happens to us. The best is therefore to laugh pretending that life is all about that, but, still take time to meditate and think of the reality of life. Know that life is not a wish granting factory #TFIOS#
I'm sorry for getting y'all emotional now. No matter how life is, just know that today's still a great and fruitful day to achieve your dreams and aspirations.
A new and exciting segment will be updated shortly after this post. It's called "Photography" and it's all about photography. Lovely and intriguing pictures will be posted to the best of admiration.
Have a fruitful and exciting Thursday!


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