Sunday 6 November 2016


Albert Christopher- Leader of the Sixters. Albert is a very ambitious youth in his mid twenties who believes that he is always right.
He's not content with his family's condition and needs money to achieve his dreams such as having his masters education in Germany.
A final year(400 level) student of Accounting in University of Lagos, Nigeria.
He is in a love relationship with Ella Okoro.
Ella Okoro- A beautiful, lovely and affluent woman in her early twenties. She hails from a very wealthy home. Her father's the manager of an accounting firm and her mother runs a boutique. She is averagely intelligent but her parent wants her to top the department of Economics. She wants to become a broadcaster but her parents disapprove of it.
She's very creative and draw lovely designs for the Sixters production. A final year student economics in University of Lagos.
She's  in a love relationship with Albert Christopher but her parents doesn't approve of it because of his family background.
Natasha Kunle- Pretty, sexy, trendy, sassy and pompous. She sustained a scholarship to study Fashion designing in UK. She's from a comfortable family but claims the lifestyle of a wealthy background.
She loves Dean Okei but would never admit. Schools and lives in London, UK.
Maliha Uthman- Beautiful, lovely, fashionable, intelligent and religious lady from a comfortable and honourable Muslim family.
A nineteen year old first-class student of English and literature from University of Lagos.
She's also in her final year.
She's a creative writer, designer and also a blogger. Also designs for the Sixters Production.
Strongly believes in love and deeply searching for it. Faces challenges of pressure from her parents who wants her to be engaged.
Ayodeji Bruce- An handsome and witty bookworm in his early twenties. He's brilliant and a nerd. He spends all his time on books. He's from a wealthy background of parents who are always busy and rarely have time for him.
Faces low self esteem and does not know how to express his feelings to his girlfriend. This makes him quiet most of the time.
A final year student of Medicine and Surgery from University of Lagos.
Dean Okei- A half cast in nature. This is because he has a blood of British and Nigerian. He's  very tall, fair, handsome and charming. Born to a British mother who left him since he was young and a Nigerian father who happen to be a drunkard. The bad lifestyle of his father strongly affects him emotionally.
Deeply in love with Natasha Kunle.
Sixters is a story of six lovely friends. They're also partners in the Sixters Fascinating Branding and Designs Company where the designs of complimentary cards, jotters, exercise books and customized shirts are being made.
Read as the sixters share their life story in terms of friendship, love, relationship, family, dreams and so on.



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