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                                           Learning to Apologize When In Love: Part 1
"You fell in love with a storm. Did you really think you would get out unscathed?"
                                                                                                                                                                       -Nikita Gill.
Narrator: Characters in this segment are Rose and John.
Rose and John has a planned dinner date and John picks her very late.
Rose: (enters his car with full flare) What kept you so long John? I've been waiting in the cold for hours (she screamed as she at him in anger).
John: I called you several times to tell you that I was held up in a traffic but you didn't pick your call (he replies in an angry tone).
Rose: Well, that's because I forgot my phone at home.
John: Why the hell would you forget your phone at home.
Rose: And why did you pick me late. You cannot imagine how long I've been standing there, waiting for you.
John: If you have brought your phone along, all these wouldn't have happened. (he clenched his fists to the steering wheel in anger).
Rose: Really? So now I'm at fault. Can't you just apologize?
John: Why would I? You caused all these yourself.
Rose: What a horrible dinner date!
John: Just apologize, you're at fault.
Rose: You're the one at fault.
John: (thinks to himself that if he doesn't make the first move, his stubborn fiancée will not do so) I'm very sorry Rose. I'm sorry for picking you up late and for keeping you out alone in the cold. I'm sorry for screaming at you.
Rose: I'm sorry for yelling at you John.
John: I love you.
Rose: I love you too.
Narrator: Starts the engine as he drove to the fanciest restaurant for their dinner date.
Wow! How much did you enjoy the conversation of Rose and John? You see, Rose and John are so much in love but as always, friction will always arise in relationships.
How do you feel about apologizing to your partner? You both stand to your point and no one wants to take the blame. That's the point of apologizing even when not at fault because no one will ever want to accept of being at fault.
Apologizing handles all weird situations and brings closeness between partners. So, if you're still having dispute with the person you love just because he/she refuses to apologize, stoop low, be humble and apologize first.
Saying "I'm sorry" does nothing to you. It only ease situations.

                                                  I'M SORRY
Sometimes I wonder what my world would be like
If I didn't have someone like you in my life.

I came back to reality only to see
That I wouldn't be myself without you and me.
I'm looking forward to the future, hoping you'll be with me,
Growing old together and being as happy as can be.

I want to spend the rest of my life making it up to you.
I want to know all of the hell I've been putting you through.
I am so sorry and I can't say that enough.
But I hope that's the last time it will ever be rough.

I love you completely, with all of my heart,
I will love you forever, 'til death do us part.
Rebecca H (February, 2015).

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