Wednesday 28 December 2016


                 Learning to Apologize When In Love: Part 2
“To me, you were more than just a person. You were a place where I finally felt at home.”
Denice Envall

                                   Rose and John
Narrator:Characters in this segment are Rose and John.

(Rose and John are getting ready for their introduction. He is supposed to visit Rose's family along with some gift items. He arrives there only to notice that he forgot some clothing materials).
Rose: Why would you forget this huh? It is highly needed for the introduction.
John: Yes, but I told you to remind me of what to bring. You know I forget things easily.
Rose: But I did remind you.
John: The materials was not in the list Rose.
Rose: So? I forgot just the way you did.
John: (sighs in frustration) You should have remembered.
Rose: You too should have.
John: Here you are again, putting all the blames on me.
Rose: (scowls at him)You're also doing the same.
Narrator: (Becky, Rose's Aunty walks towards them to intervene)
Becky: You've not gotten married and you're already having this quarrel. You should learn to apologize tom yourselves even when you both believe that you're not at fault.
Rose: You heard John. Apologize now.
John: No! Ladies first.
Rose: Really? Never!
Becky: Please John, just make the first move. You know, women can be stubborn at times. (She chuckles).
John: Okay. I'm very sorry lovely Rose. Please forgive me.
Rose: (Smiles at him) I'm also sorry.
Becky: (Grin at them) That settles everything. John, why don't you call someone at home to bring the clothing material here.
John: I'll do so now Aunty. I'll call my younger brother. (Takes out his phone).
                                            be continued.

Hi everyone! Like you all know, this is the continuation of last week's topic (Apologizing when not at fault).
Who would claim of being at all. Why do quarrels between friends and lovers refuse to end? This is because both claim that they are not at fault.
I'll tell you, it takes a wise and string person to take the blame in a quarrel and apologize. People often see the person as being weak or foolish but the reverse is the case, The person knows that the rift would still continue if sooner or later, no one refuse to take the blame and apologize.
Always learn to apologize even when you think that you're not at fault.
Here's a nice poem titled "I'm Sorry". Hope you're gonna enjoy it.

I'm saying sorry first.
I'm saying sorry last.
I'm saying sorry for the future,
but mainly for the past.

I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you,
and I'm sorry for not listening
when you needed it the most.
You were right and you have the right to be mad.

I'm sorry that you felt the need to apologize,
and I'm sorry that you were hurt.

I'm sorry that I can only see the good
and always try to avoid the bad.

I'm saying sorry for all my mistakes.
I'm saying sorry for being blinded,
blinded by the perfect thought of you and me,
when really we don't have the chance.

I'm the stupid one.
I let you down, and I feel it deep within me.
We both said some errors and said something wrong, but that's how life is.

Nobody's perfect,
not even me and you
so I'm sorry for that took
and I'm sorry for everything but...

Please forgive me.
We can change things back to normal.
I'm sorry if this is not what you want,
But it's the only thing I can think of.
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