Thursday 1 December 2016

SIXTERS (Episode 2)


                                                                Ella Okoro
"...So you differentiate this with respect to x and substitute it into the cost function which is equation 8..." Albert said as I stared at him.
I wish I understood what he said. We were in a lecture room on campus and he took me tutorial on a course that I detested so much.
"Please...please stop Albert". I held his arm as he stopped his lecture and gave me a quizzical look.
"You can understand this Ella. It's not as difficult as you think". He said as I placed my hands on my head.
"I can't understand this. It's too hard. Why do you keep do I even know what equation to substitute in another equation". I gave a sad look as he placed my head on his chest.
'I'm not in your department and I wasn't in your class when you were taught this. I just went through it and here am I solving it. You can also do this darling".
"No I can't".
"You can," he took my head to face him, "I believe in you. I guess you're hungry. Let's find some snacks to eat". he held my hands as we walked out of the lecture room.
We talked as we walked to the tuck shop to buy egg roll and soft drinks. Surprisingly, we saw Dean and his close friend; Annette. Okay, we all know Annette likes Dean but him? Gush! She is very pretty. She's more mannered than the so-called Natasha. Oops...he loves her!
"Dean oyinbo. How are you?" I smiled at him as he and Albert hugged.
'Hey Annette. how's lectures?"
"Hectic I must confess. But Thank God, it's our last year on campus". She smiled back.
"So lovebirds are hungry. Less I forget, when last did you hear from Natasha?"
"You know Natasha and I aren't like terms. Ask Maliha instead". I replied as Dean nodded.
"Okay then, see you lovebirds around". They waved as they left. I admired Dean's suede jacket and jean as they walked together. To me, they looked perfect!
Albert and I walked out of school but to prevent him from accompanying me home, I lied that I wanted to branch at Maliha's house.
I arrived home to see my younger sister having her lesson in the compound. I greeted them and entered the house. I perceived the spicy aroma of jollof rice. I wasn't really hungry and so I served little rice and ate.
I checked my mom but she was fast asleep. I entered my room to see my elder sister laying on my bed.
She does this only when something's bothering her.
"Lauren?" I patted her back as she turned to show her wet face. She had been crying.
"Oh God. What the hell happened to you?"
"It's Chibuike" She wailed.
"What did he do this time?" I've never said him from the first day they started dating. Spoilt brat!
"We broke up...I mean for good"
'What happened?"
"We had a quarrel and he refused to apologize. He said I should be the one apologizing for what I didn't do. He hurled insulting words at me and even slapped me. I'm not going back Ella. I better remain single than being in a miserable relationship".
"I'm sorry about that. You should learn to apologize to each other when not at fault". I said as I hugged her sympathetically.
"Does Albert apologize to you every time?"
"Yes...what?!" I released my hold of her.
How did she know I am dating Albert.
'Even if you deceive dad and mum. You know you can't to me. I know you guys are dating, so stop pretending".
"How did you know?"
'I'm your big sis remember? I've known long ago so don't be scared. Your secrets are safe with me. You see, I'm always jealous of you guys relationship even if dad and mum are not in support. You guys love yourself. That's what matters. Look at Dan and I, even after following their instructions and dating a close family friend who happen to be from a wealthy home, What did I get? A heart break!" She cried again.
"I'm so sorry dear. For me, as painful as this seems, it's actually a blessing in disguise. You're worth more than this sweet sis. Take a shower, eat, watch a movie, do something fantastic please".
"I'll do just that". She pecked me and leave the room.
I removed my clothes and change to a towel for a quick shower and nap.
*                                                      *                                                               *
It's in the night and my family and I were watching TV in the living room. Albert called but I ignored it.
"Why are you ending your call?" My mom looked at me with furrowed eye brows.
"It's Albert. It is about the  business and it is too late for that". I lied.
"I hope you've not stop seeing him". My dad said watching TV.
"Yes I have".
"But he still disturbs you right?"
"Of course he does. But I told him clearly that I'm not interested".
"Good. I don't want you to end up like your sister. I'll find her another good man from among my friend's sons even if you're not interested in getting clicked".
"Hmmm...yes dad. I've got to go inside now. I have a test this week".
"Goodnight then".
"Goodnight everyone.". I sighed a relief as I entered my room. and jumped on my bed.
I called Albert immediately.
"Sugar heart". he answered.
"My love, how are you doing?"
"I'm good. Why have you been ending my calls?"
"I was busy with that stupid math...trying to get the right answer". I said as he chuckled..
"So did you get it right?"
"No". He laughed hard.
"Come on, it's not funny".
"Oh it is. I bet you, that math is not that hard". he insisted.
"Well, that's for you. As a broadcaster, I don't have to solve those magical math. It's that easy".
"Then go for it".
"Like you don't know my Parents will disown me". I let out a frown.
"I'm sorry baby. I'm missing you".
"Me too love".
"Wish you were by my side".
"Wait till I get married". I cackled.
" I wish that is now. You don't know how I dream of owning you alone. Can I take you on a date over the weekend? At least that way, I'll get to meet your Parents. I've been longing to meeting them".
"The date is a great idea but meeting my Parents is impossible. They won't be around".
"Oh, again. Why am I so unfortunate in meeting them?"
"Your bad. I love you Adorable".
"I love you too".
"What're you putting on tomorrow?"
"I haven't figured that out. Wait in anticipation". I laughed.
"Okay love. Kisses. Goodnight".
"Sweet dreams. Dream of me".
"Love you".
"Love you too. Bye!" I hung up the call and threw my phone with a look of excitement and confusion...

                                                                   Sixters Comment
Albert- Ella is my greatest happiness. I'd never forget the first day I saw her. I practically froze like iceblock (laughs). I love her. When we get married, She can pursue her dream of broadcasting.

Maliha- Ella is a sweet person who'd protect whatever she loves. Even if it involves disobeying her Parents which I clearly disapprove of. I think she can sit and explain things to them. They'll understand how much she loves Albert and isn't willing to let go. I dream of finding someone who will love me like Albert loves Ella.

Dean- Aww!!! This is romantic. Sometimes I wish Ella was Natasha. I would have been the happiest man on earth!

Natasha- Their love doesn't freak me a bit. They'll later break up when Ella's Parents know of their relationship and it will be back to square one. Poor thing!

Ayodeji- II wish I can express my feelings to my girl friend just the way Albert can. I love her.

NB- Only Albert doesn't have knowledge that Ella's Parents are not in support of their relationship.


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