Friday 13 January 2017

Friday Update on Twist of Fate

 Abhi comes to Aaliya and asks her what made her take such decision. He doesn’t know what to do with her and is mad. Pragya asks him to calm down. Abhi asks what else he can do. He goes on and talks that Aaliya means whole world to him. It’s because of her he doesn’t miss his parents. They are together since childhood and he loves her a lot. He can’t afford to lose one more close person to him. Aaliya gets emotional.Abhi asks her to promise she will never take such step again. Aaliya says she doesn’t know what had happened to her. She promises him she won’t do this again. After Abhi is done, Purabasks him if he can talk to Aaliya alone. All leave.Purab now tries to make Aaliya understand. He says she is his best friend and they had promised that theywill always be there to help each other, stand with each other no matter what. For this friendship, he’s ready to sacrifice his love. But the truth is that him and Bulbul love each other and no one can change that. He asks her what she wants.. a good friend rest of her life or unhappy married life. It’s either him or her will get their love. Aaliya says there is no need for him to sacrifice. If he can do that for his friendship, then she can do it as well.Outside, Abhi is sad and upset. Pragya consoles him and Tanu doesn’t like seeing them close. Abhi says today Aaliya reminded him of his childhood again. It’s because of her he doesn’t miss his parents. Back then he managed somehow, but now he doesn’t have any strength.Pragya tells him all will be alright. Purab comes outside and asks Abhi and Pragya to come inside. They go inside and meet new Aaliya. She says she has understood that she was wrong, selfish. Abhi always gave her everything and she kept asking more and more. She never thought about him or family. She then says about her decision that she has no objection with Purab and Bulbul’s marriage. She has understood now that you just don’t get everything in love. You have to make sacrifices. She has also learned what true love is and it’s between Purab and Bulbul. Abhi.  Pragya are surprised and happy. Tanu hears all that and is not happy. Aaliya apologizes to Abhi and asks him to forgive her this mistake like million others. They both hug.Dadi welcomes Aaliya and says she’s glad Aaliya has learned difference in right and wrong now. Mitali is in disbelief seeing new side of Aaliya. Aaliya credits Pragya. But Pragya says she just said the truth and it’s Aaliya’s understanding that made her change and take right decision on right time. It’s not easy for Aaliya to do this but she’s doing for everyone’s happiness.In room, Tanu and Mitali talk to Aaliya. Tanu asks her how she can give up Purab, happiness of her life. But Aaliya has made her decision and says she won’t do anything that will hurt Abhi and her family. She got nothing by doing all this.,she even tried committing suicide and still that didn’t change anything so now she won’t do anything. Tanu and Mitali are in disbelief. She asks them to leave her alone now she wants to rest.In Abhi’s room, Abhi asks Pragya how she convinced Aaliya. She never listened to him and suddenly listened to person whom she used to hate a lot. Pragya says it’s all talent.

Abhi teases her saying it’s black magic and suggests her to go on border and do black magic there so there are no fights. She will get medals too. Pragya asks him if he’s done talking then can they get serious now. She tells him to think about Aaliya too now and don’t do Purab Bulbul’s marriage in this house. But Aaliya comes there and says no plans will change. Marriage will take place where it was decided.Tanu calling his goon and asking to crush Bulbul under his car. Sarla on the other side scolds Purbi for being lazy. Purbi asks her to chill out. Sarla asks if Pragya had called. Purbi says yes and says she told Aaliya is fine now and came back home. Aaliya and Tanu come there just then.Bulbul calls Purab and says Aaliya must be planning some conspiracy again. He says he knows Aaliya and knows she is not lying this time. Purbi comes and informs her that Aaliya has come to meet her. Aaliya takes Sarla’s permission to speak to Bulbul alone and even asks Tanu to not accompany her. Sarla gets irked seeing Tanu, but asks her to sit. Purbi gets water for her. Tanu asks if they have water filter, drinks water and aks her to get out of her sight. Purbiasks why is she not coming on TV now. She says she has left job. Purbi says that is the reason she is always in Pragya’s house and says Pragya and Jiju look great together and nother. Tanu gets irked and says Abhi is very handsome and any behanji will look beautiful with him. Purbi drops tea on her purposefully. Tanu scolds that she spoilt her precious dress and her servants are not like her. Purbi says she will not keep her even as her servant and says if she tries to badmouth about Pragya, she will burst her eyes.\Bulbul asks Aaliya why did she come. Aaliya says she came to apologize her and it is because of Pragya, gives her a gift and says she can go ahead with marrying Purab and she will be Purab’s friend always. Bulbul says she knows she is conspiring something and asks her to stop thinking of harming her.TV actor meets Tanu and promotes tonight’s Zee new year dhamaka episode. Tanu says if he is in it, she will definitely watch it.Bulbul goes to meet on a date with Purab to a restaurant. She says it is a nice place. He says yes and starts smelling rose. She asks him to stop doing that. He asks him to stop taunting and tell I love you. She says she is not getting feeling and he should say it first. He says I love you slowly. She asks him to tell loudly and says she needs a story to about their love story to her children and cannot say their dad brought her to a restaurant and proposed with flower. He asks her what should he do then. She asks him to do something unique than kneeling and proposing. He gets nervous and thinks of ideas. She says that means he does not love her. He says he got an idea, tells all restaurant guests that he wants to propose his dear one, so he wants all the girls to come in front of her. Once all the girls come, he blindfolds himself and says he will find her among all these girls. Bulbul says whoever he touches, he will spend his life with her. He says ok and drags her among all girls. She hugs him and everyone claps for them.Tanu brings Aaliya there and shows Purab and Bulbul hugging each other. She says she knows she cannot see them together. Aaliya says she is also jealous like other girls, but she has moved ahead and wants Purab and Bulbul marrynow. Tanu says if she does not want to do anything, she will do it. Aaliya asks what she will do now. Tanu says they both will marry if they are together, what if they are separated. Aaliya asks what does she mean. Tanu says she wants to destroy the wall between her and Purab. Aaliya asks what she wants to do. Tanu says she will show it and signals her goon to start car and crush Bulbul.


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