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                                           Preview of last week's episode
Hamdalah and Abdur Rahman met on their way to the Al-Amqar's public library but they seem to be very attracted to each other. They bumped into themselves on different occassions and the straw that broke the camel's back was when they had actually come to lend the same book.
Hamdalah and Abdur Rahman exchanged contacts so that they would each benefit from the book but a smile is seem to linger on each other's face as they parted ways. Why do you think so?
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                                              Episode Two
It was late in the night. Hamdalah, on their night dress sat on her bed and stared at Abdur Rahman's number for the millionth time. Strangely, she found staring at his contact very interesting, the way his name was being saved along with his phone number.
She felt the urge to click on the 'call' button but she wouldn't dare.
Why would she say was the reason for her to call?
Hamdalah felt very strange and unusual thinking of an unknown man but she just couldn't help it.
Do I like, have interest in him? No! Never! He may never see me the way I do to him . Hamdalah fought the thought out of her mind.
"Hey you!" Maryam, Hamdalah's elder sister snapped her fingers of her.
Hamdalah came back to reality as she watch her sister raised her eye brow in question.
"Oh...when did you enter the room?"
Maryam ignored her question. "You've been acting weird since you arrived from work.
"What happened?" She questioned Hamdalah as a big sister.
"Nothing really. It's just...forget it". Hamdalah shrugged.
"Really? Well, I'm not willing to forget it. Tell me". She insisted.
Maryam had been Hamdalah's closest friend and elder sister. After their Parents death, they lived with their Aunt's family and they've always cared for each other.
"I met this man at the library today and there's something wonderful about him. I can't keep my mind off him no matter how much I try to". Hamdalah pouted her lips.
"Who can't you keep your mind off?" Zara laughed as she interrupted their conversation by entering the room.
"It's nothing Zara".
"It should be o. My engagement ceremony is in two weeks time and Maryam would be next in line. You should start repairing for yours so that you wouldn't be the remaining adult at home".
Zara was Hamdalah and Maryam's cousin. She was the only daughter to their Aunt and in turn, they lived together in one house.
The two sisters didn't like Zara because of her bluntness and arrogance.
Her marriage was fixed in a month's time and the whole family have known no peace because of that. Maryam's marriage was also immediately after hers and Hamdalah was the only one left to find her own husband.
"It's not like I'm complaining". Hamdalah retorted.
'Yes", Maryam said, "Leave Hamdalah alone".
"I'm not holding her before. I'm just concerned that she's hardly connected with someone. Hamdalah hardly receive calls like we do and I see it as being strange". Zara bluntly said.
"Look Zara, the reason why I don't want get admirers like you is because men truly know my worth. A large percentage of men that disturb you do not truly love you but they are only after your physical qualities. It takes a good man to know a good heart and a woman that truly believes in love. The fact that I don't have admirers like you does not make me strange. It only means that a perfect man who knows my worth is somewhere in store for me and we would meet ourselves by fate". Hamdalah admonished Zara.
"Love by fate indeed. Goodnight everyone". Zara grimaced as she brushed her hair as she left the room.
"That was really nice of you. You managed to shut her up". Maryam laughed.
"Yeah. She needs ten times that".
"Uhumm. You've not told me about your new admirer". Maryam gave her sister a knowing grin.
"There's really nothing to talk about". She turned around to cover her light pink coloured face.
"Alright then. If you don't want to talk about him, you can at least drop your phone and go to bed. Remember you have an early morning interview with the C.E.O of Beep Publishing company.
'Oh yes. I almost forgot". Hamdalah switched off the light and placed her phone beside the bed.
She had given up. Abdur Rahman was never going to call that night. More so, she had interview to do the next morning and she needed to wake up at the late part of the night for prayers.
Hamdalah worked as a journalist in the Guide Newspaper house. She had loved journalism right from when she was young and she derived passion in her chosen profession.
Hamdalah laid on her bed and closed her eyes but instead of sleeping, her mind played back to the little time she spent with Abdur Rahman . She had never felt that way towards any man before...but the question she has was "Did he feel the same way?"
*                                                             *                                                    *
Abdur Rahman was bothered about the same question.
Why do I think of her so much like this and what if she doesn't feel the same towards me? It would be just love from one side. He sighed deeply as he there his fork back to the plate in disappointment.
Maryam jumped up in fear as he furrowed his eyebrows at Abdur Rahman. They sat on the dining table and ate dinner but Abdur Rahman had been absent minded. He picked at the food while deep in thought.
Mansur watched his mood and wondered what could be wrong with his friend.
Mansur and Abdur Rahman were close and childhood friends and they lived together in the same house.
'Whoa! Are you okay?" Mansur asked concerned.
'Why would I be when my mind can't stop thinking of her". Abdur Rahman yelled as he raked through his hair in frustration.
His mind wandered to her captivating smile, her wide black eyes and her full lips soiled with strawberry lip gloss.
"Hamdalah?" Mansur asked, knowing it would be the lady his best friend could stop talking since he returned home.
Mansur chuckled. "That's a good sign."
After Abur Rahman went through the pain of losing his mother, he felt that there was no essence of getting married when love ones would still be lost.
It was the first time that Abdur Rahman was attracted to a woman and Mansur saw it as a good sign.
"I don't think she likes me".
"You can't be so sure of that". Mansur said.
Abdur Rahman looked at his phone and attempted to call Hamdalah but he fought the urge.
'Goodnight Mansur". he got up from the chair.
'What the heck! My food is going to waste".
"Not to worry Mansur. I'll eat it tomorrow". He took the plate to the kitchen and covered it.
Abdur Rahman walked to his room but all he could think of was Hamdalah.
What do you think of Hamdalah and Abdur Rahman? Do you think that they would both discover that they actually feel the same to each other?
                                                                                    be continued

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