Monday 9 January 2017



"My heart made its choice, and it chose you".
                                                                                                                                                                            -Colleen Hoover.
Hamdalah and Abdur Rahman have something in common. They both face the deep pain of losing their loved one and they both seek their heart desires.
Fate brings them together and they see that they cannot live without each other.

                                                   Chapter One
Hamdalah walked to Al-Amqar library after closing from her work place. As she walked along the road path, she listened to Sheriff's motivational talks with her ear piece and watched people perform several activities. It had become part of her daily routine to watch people on the road.
As she did so, she imagined how people have different lives to live. Some sold their goods while others drove. Hamdalah examined them and saw that people have right to their happiness.
Hamdalah wanted to borrow a book from the library. It was that written by her mentor; Sheriff Ali. 'Learning from Pain' is a fabulous book that teaches people how to face their pain and learn from it. She had always wanted to read the book and since it was Thursday, she planned on borrowing it from the library to read during the weekend.
The public library was just opposite the road but Hamdalah decided to stop by a shop for a bottle of cold drink.
She walked swiftly to the shop, her black veil soiled from the sun's heat and her long pleating skirt moving along with her.
The shop was filled with different buyers but Hamdalah walked her way through the crowd to quench her thirst.
"Can I  have a bottle of yoghurt?" Hamdalah said to the seller but she noticed that her voice had chorused with another.
She turned to see a man standing beside her. They both laughed at what happened but their eyes seem to lock with each other.
Hamdalah thought that she had seen the most handsome man on earth. He wore an expensive suit and his tie was weary due to his tiredness. His eyes were just beautiful and his smile was captivating.
Abdur Rahman had drove to the public library after work.
"You really need that book Abdur Rahman. I guess you should borrow it from Al-Amqar's library. It's at the drive back home". Mansur had said a night before.
Abdur Rahman decided to borrow the book on his way home from work. Thirsty and dehydrated, he decided to buy a cold drink before walking to the library.
When Abdur Rahman's face met with Hamdalah, it was a difficult task to lower his gaze. He had seen countless of beautiful muslim ladies but Hamdalah was just different.
Her face lit up in the sun and she had a shy smile on her lips. It was like something magical had happened because for seconds, Abdur Rahman didn't  know where he was or what had happened to him. He managed to regain himself and greet the damsel standing beside him.
"Asalam 'alaykum". he smiled at her.
"Wa'alaykum salam". Hamdalah replied.
"I'm really sorry but there's only one bottle of yoghurt remaining. You guys asked for it at the same time and I don't know who to give it to". The seller said matter-of-factly.
"Don't worry Ma'am," Abdur Rahman shrugged, "You can have the bottle of yoghurt".
"Seriously, I'm just okay. I think you should take it".
"I also insist you take it". Hamdalah said relentlessly.
Abdur Rahman took a moment to think of how to handle the situation. He had a brilliant idea.
"Do you have disposable cups?" Abdur Rahman asked the seller as she brought it out.
He divided the yoghurt into half and gave Hamdalah her own share.
Hamdalah couldn't stop but think of the awesomeness of the man. He wasn't only handsome but he also had a good character.
She tried to shrug off the memory of the unknown man as she crossed to the other side of the road and entered the library.
"Good day Ma. Please, I want to borrow a book written by Sheriff Ali. It's titled 'Learning from Pain". She spoke to the librarian over her table.
"Alright. Please fill in your name and basic information. You are to return it in a fortnight".
Just then, Abdur Rahman entered the library to see the same woman borrowing the book he came there for.
She might be beautiful but I won't give up on this book just like I did for the yoghurt. Abdur Rahman thought to himself as he walked up to meet them.
"It seems we are meant to bump into ourselves everywhere we go today". Abdur Rahman joked as he placed his hands on his pockets.
"Yeah", Hamdalah smiled shyly, "I just came to borrow a book". Her gaze met his and she pulled away blushing.
The sweat on his handsome face made him more lovely and he let out a sigh from his tiny lips. It was something that swept her off her feet. She tried to forget the feeling and remain her composure before they noticed what had just happened to her.
"This is the only one we have in our collection". The librarian plainly said.
"I guess we can't divide the book into two halves". Abdur Rahman chuckled.
"You would have to wait till two weeks for this lady here to return the book. Why don't we do this? You'd contact yourself and get the book from her when she's done. What I clearly know is that the book will be returned in a month's time...You can also fill in your details sir".
Abdur Rahman gestured to Hamdalah to see if she concurred and she nodded in agreement.
As he filled the form, Hamdalah placed the book in her bag and set to leave.
"Thank you". She said to the librarian and walked out of the library knowing full well that the man would be after her.
He at least needs my contact so that he can get the book in two weeks time. He needs to stop me! She thought to herself, trying to fight the tension from her mind.
And just then did he call after her. "Hey!" he yelled trying to meet up with her.
Hamdalah's heart leapt. She almost jumped off her skin. She struggle to fight off the redness of her cheeks but it was still apparent.
"I should at least have your contact. Do you mind?"
"". Hamdalah said absent-mindedly as they exchanged phone numbers.
"I'm Abdur Rahman".
"Hamdalah". She smiled at him.
He entered his car and drove out of the street while she walked in the opposite direction.
However, they both had something in common. There was a big smile plastered to their faces as they parted ways.

                                                                 be continued