Friday 17 February 2017

Episode Five

Two weeks passed in a haste. While Hamdalah was very busy with the wedding preparation, Abdur Rahman looked forward to seeing Hamdalah's family.
It was finally the wedding date. Abdur Rahman was dressed in a kaftan and cap. It was the outfit that he always love to wear on special occasions. He usually got them ordered from India.
Abdur Rahman gave a last look in the mirror, like he always did before he goes out. He looked at himself and saw the young picture of his father. He had the same small bright eyes, handsome face, dark skin and tall stature.
"Abdur Rahman!" Mansur startled him. He called from the living room.
Abdur Rahman hurriedly wore his wristwatch and came downstairs.
"You called me". He walked to Mansur who sat on the sofa watching TV.
"Hmm". Was all he said.
"I'm used to you," Abdur Rahman shrugged, "Are you still bent on not attending the wedding?".
"Yes I am". Mansur replied flipping through stations with the remote.
Mansur dropped the remote and faced his friend.
"I want you to spend time with Hamdalah. You can even express your feelings to her today".
"Oh well. You can even get to see her".
"I don't have to. I'm sure that my best friend will never make a bad choice". He grinned.
"Okay then. See you later Mansur".
"Go for it. Bye!".
                *                     *                  *
Hamdalah, Maryam and their Aunt's family prepared hard for the wedding ceremony.
It was a stressful work for Hamdalah but she did her best to make sure that Zara's wedding come out as a success.
The guests arrived in no time and the wedding ceremony began.
Hamdalah and Maryam walked the bride to the altar as they imagined how their day would be.
Hamdalah had spent time scanning through the crowd but Abdur Rahman was nowhere in sight.
"Thanks a lot. You're more than sisters to me. I love you so much". Zara said as she hugged both of them.
"You're welcome dear. We can do anything for you".
"I'm also sorry for always troubling you Hamdalah. I promise to never do that again".
"It's okay Zara. Now go meet your husband. He's waiting eagerly for you". Hamdalah patted her as she walked to the altar looking very radiant.
Hamdalah pictured herself as the pretty bride walking down the altar and then, Abdur Rahman smiling at her and thinking of how happy they would be forever.
As she drifted out of her daydream , she remembered him again.
She scanned through the crowd again but he had still not arrived.
"Chillax," Maryam said sensing her tensed mood, "He's going to come".
Just then did a black jeep park outside the hall. Hamdalah very well recognised it as that of Abdur Rahman. Her face instantly lit into a smile as he hopped down from the jeep.
To her, he was the most handsome man in the world. His dark skin lit up to the sun and he looked very cute in a brown caftan.
"He's undeniably cute". Maryam whispered to her sister as they walked toward him.
Hamdalah felt proud of the man she love. He was the best thing  that have ever happened to her.
"Asalam 'alaykum" Abdur Rahman cheerfully greeted them.
"Wa 'alaykumusalam". They replied.
"Well, this is my elder sister Maryam and this is my very good friend, Abdur Rahman". She made a brief introduction.
"Nice to meet you Maryam".
"Nice to meet you too. Why don't we enter the hall and enjoy the wedding". Maryam suggested as they all entered the hall.
The wedding ceremony was a blissful and interesting one. There were lots of food and drink and the merriment continued till evening.
Hamdalah and Abdur Rahman didn't really see themselves during the ceremony. He sat among the audience while she was busy with the ceremonial activities.
Hamdalah received a message from Abdur Rahman. He wanted to leave and he needed to see her before leaving.
Hamdalah took the book along with her as she went to meet Abdur Rahman. She noticed how tensed and worried he looked but immediately he saw her, he smiled and looked perfect again.
She guessed it was because he wanted to leave or he probably had phobia for crowds. She too did.
"You want to leave now?" She asked as she sat beside him.
'Yes, but I really enjoyed the wedding. It really is a grand one. Witnessing this wedding makes me think of how my own would be".
"Me too". With you. Hamdalah thought.
"I hope the wedding preparation wasn't too stressful?"
"No it wasn't. The end result is the main thing and we're all glad with the end result", She said matter-of-factly, "Less I forget, here's the book I promised to give you today". She handed him the book.
'Thanks". he replied as he felt worried again.
How was he going to tell her what he was planning to do.
"Are you okay? You look worried". Hamdalah frowned sensing the worried look he had before he saw her.
I'm fine. I just want to tell you something", he cleared his throat nervously," It's been months since I last saw my father  and he wants me to come over to London. I would be travelling in the next three days to London to see him". Abdur Rahman said, wondering how she would feel about that.
'For how long will you be there?"
"For like a month. My dad wants me to spend enough time with him. Are you okay with that?"
"It's your life Abdur Rahman and I have no right to interfere. You can stay there for as long as you want with your dad. It's not like we have any business together". Hamdalah tried not to flare up.
She had pretended to be okay with that but she wasn't. How would she when he was leaving for such a long time.
"Yeah". Abdur Rahman scratched his hair in confusion.
'I should be leaving Abdur Rahman. Have a nice day and safe journey in advance". She said as she swiftly left his presence.
Hamdalah ran to a corner and cried. She thought that Abdur Rahman would propose to her but he didn't.
Maybe I should just give up. There might never be 'us'. Hamdalah thought as she cleaned her eyes.
Abdur Rahman was also very sad. He didn't know why he felt so unhappy leaving Hamdalah but he hadn't braced up to tell her how he felt about her. To him, she might never see him the way he did.
He couldn't do what Mansur had asked him to do and he didn't know why.
They were both sad but they knew deep down inside that they were the cause of their unhappiness.
P.S- Hey fans of Love By Fate. I'm sorry for the late post and the sad episode. There are happy episodes coming your way and the story is promised t
o have a happy ending.
Seriously, Hamdalah and Abdur Rahman were really annoying in this episode. If you truly love yourselves, what does it take you to confess how you feel? Why do you always doubt every situation thinking the other may not feel the same way? I hope you guys don't do this with someone you truly love.
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