Saturday 25 February 2017


Adesewa stared at him from the shop and then at the umbrella. Something then crossed her mind. The umbrella bore something and she could argue that she had seen it before.
Tears filled her face when she finally agreed that it was the same umbrella that she had carried with her when she lost her son twenty five years ago.
"What was the stranger's business with this old umbrella?" She wondered.
She wanted to ask him how he got the umbrella but he was clearly out of sight.
Adesewa was lost in thought and couldn't concentrate in the shop. She decided to take the umbrella home and show it to her daughter, Egbin.
Throughout her walk home, Adesewa reminisces herself seeing her son again and being the very happy woman that she used to be.
She explained the incident toEgbin when she got home.
"Mama, are you sure this is the same umbrella? It's over twenty years and it's highly impossible for the same umbrella to be in existence. I hope you're not assuming things mother". She said placing a plate of food and a cup of water on the table in front of her mother and she sat down.
"I'm not assuming things Egbin. I'm sure of what I'm saying. I miss Ibrahim so much". She cried.
"I think it's high time you got over the past. You accepted that father is gone and wouldn't be back forever. How difficult is it to also forget Kunle".
"It's easier when someone is dead. My son is alive and I know that for sure. I'll see no real happiness until I see that he is fine and happy where he is". Adesewa bitterly said.
"Okay Mama. You said it was a young man that gave you this umbrella?"
"Yes". Adesewa replied.
"The ice cream store might know a thing or two about him. I think we should find out where he stays so that we can ask questions about where he got the umbrella". Egbin suggested.
"Really?" She held Egbin's hands in excitement, "The rain has stopped. Let's go now".
"Oh Mama, you have to eat a little first. You must be tired and famished".
"Sincerely, I can't taste anything until I find out who that young man is. Please lets go now".
"Okay Mama". Egbin dressed up to go out with her mother.

             be continued.


  1. You Said It's short, that's why i left my books to read it! and it's not over yet!

  2. Thanks Abdurrazak. The nitty wall appreciates you:)