Monday 27 February 2017



Adesewa went along with her daughter Egbin to the ice cream store. An inquiry was made about the young man with the red car and it was discovered that he was an engineer that lived with his family at the end of the street.
Adesewa wondered how she hasn't met him till now. She went with Egbin to the young man's house to clear her curiousity. When they arrived, she was sure that was it was his house because the red car was parked in front of it.
It was a medium sized bungalow, painted with green. Adesewa knocked on the door and her hands felt shaky in an instance. She wondered why she felt very nervous seeing the man again.
It took seconds before the door was finally opened. The young man appeared at the door with his usual bright smile and nice welcoming.
"Ah, I told you not to bother about returning the umbrella...Please come in anyway". He led them into the house.
The young man had a young beautiful wife and a lovely son who sat in the living room drinking ice cream.
"Good Evening". They greeted.
"Good Evening".
The young man introduced Adesewa to his wife and ordered that she made tea for them.
"This is my daughter Egbin". She said.
"Nice to meet you". He said as his wife served two cups of steaming chocolate tea.
"This did you come about it?" Adesewa asked.
The young man raked his hair nervously as the happiness in his eyes was instantly filled with sadness. "Ahhh...It's a painful long story". He frowned.
"Do you mind sharing it with me?"
He paced around the living room for seconds before grinding into a halt. "Okay".
"When I was very little, I lost my mom at the ice cream store and couldn't trace my way back home. I had gone to buy ice cream and I didn't see her after my return. I wondered where she was and why she had left me alone. I watched the ice cream that I love so much melt out of my hands due to despair. It was the worst day of my life. The only thing I saw when I returned was this umbrella that I took along with me.
I was hopeless, homeless and frustrated. Fortunately, a very nice newly wedded couple that saw me walking on the streets adopted me and trained me as their child till I grew into a man. Till now, I still go to the ice cream store with the hope of seeing my mother again and telling her how much I love and miss her. I cannot imagine what life would be for her without me". He cried bitterly.
Adesewa wept, not that of sorrow but of happiness for she had finally found her lost son after so many years.
She cupped her hands into his wet face. "I've finally found you Kunle. I've finally found my son".
"Mama. You mean you're my mother?"
"Yes, I am your mother". She said as she hugged him tightly.
"Ola, this is your grandmother and mother, here is your grandson". Kunle said as Adesewa hugged Omar warmly.
Everything seem like a dream to her. She blinked her eyes consecutively to make sure it was real.
"Egbin is my sister. Oh sister, I'm glad to finally meet you. What of dad?"
"He died years ago", She said, "This is a great family reunion and God answered our prayers. I can't believe we can finally see ourselves after so many years". She said, drifting the topic so that Kunle wouldn't feel the loss of his father.
"I love you so much Mama".
"I love you too Son". She smiled happily, finally glad that she had found her missing son!



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