Friday 17 February 2017

Morning Cheesecake

Good Morning great fans of the Nitty Wall and welcome to the best day of the week!!!
I'm so glad to be finally here after such a long time. The three weeks stay in the NYSC camp was very hectic and time consuming that I didn't have time for the Nitty Wall. Well, the good news is that the Nitty Wall is back again with fresh and exciting segments to blow you off as always. As a form of 'Thank You' to the lovely fans of the Nitty Wall that have wished me well all through my absence, today will be another publication of your favourite novel series, Love by Fate. I can imagine how excited you all are.
The news flash is that I have decided to start a new novel series, Life of A Nigerian Corper. I've however not started writing it. I need your views on how you want to story to look like so that it would just suit your taste. Send your views to to be part of 'Life of A Nigerian Corper'.
As always, this lovely Friday, which happen to be the best day this week is a great day to achieve your numerous dreams and aspirations.
Have a great day and the Nitty Wall always love you!


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