Monday 27 February 2017

Morning Cheesecake

Good Morning lovely fans of the Nitty Wall and a happy Monday to you. Monday is a fresh start for a great week and this would surprisingly be the last week in the month of February.
The Nitty Wall is always here to make your days the best. Today will be the publication of the last part of 'Finding Her Lost Son'. The short story made waves during the weekend and I can't do but thank you fans for appreciating the story. The story will end today and you'd all get to discover if Adesewa is really correct about the umbrella and who her true son is.
Tuesday will be another publication of the seventh episode of 'Love by Fate'. The rest of the week will be on Love and The People, Life is an Art and other beautiful segments.
On Love and The People, the difference between love and infatuation will be continued. Most of what we call love these days is not what it really seems. Be a part of the show and get to know what love truly means and why it is different from lust.
On Life is An Art, send your views and comments to to be part of the discussion; Public and private school; which is better?
There are other lovely segments coming your way in the Nitty Wall. It's promised to be richer and livelier but till then, I wish you the best of this week and much love from the Nitty Wall!


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