Saturday 11 March 2017

Episode Nine

Hamdalah had received flowers from Zayn throughout the year. It was finally Saturday, which was the day fixed for their date. Hamdalah dressed up for her date but all she could think of was Abdur Rahman.
She remembered the first time they had met and the way he smiled when talking to her, and the way they laughed.
They hadn't spoken since he arrived London and Hamdalah had fought the urge of missing him.
He doesn't love me...but...why would he send the bracelet? Hamdalah stared at the bracelet again. It was as sparkling and beautiful as it has always been.
She knew that it must have cost him a fortune to get one.
"Zayn is at the living room". Maryam giggled as she entered the room.
Hamdalah eyes almost popped out of its socket.
"He's very cute and respectful. Aunt have been having  chat with him for minutes now". Maryam grinned excitedly.
"Okay. I guess I'll just go meet him there". Hamdalah carried her bag but Maryam hugged her.
"You look very pretty sis. I hope you make the right choice". Maryam cried as she felt her sister's cheeks.
"Me too. See you later Maryam". Hamdalah pulled away from her, trying to resist the tears that was demanding to flow.
*                                                             *                                                    *
"You love the food?" Zayn asked, putting a slice of chicken in his mouth.
He had taken her to a very fancy restaurant and they both ordered paella and chicken.
"I love it. It's just that this place is too expensive".
'I'm not complaining. I can do anything for you Hamdalah". Zayn said as he sipped his wine.
The two ate their food in silence and when they were done, they drank their wine and discussed.
"Hamdalah, I'm a straightforward person and I would tell you how I feel about you. I love you so much Hamdalah. I love you from the first day I set my eyes on you and I'm willing to spend the rest of my life woth you. I want us to get married Hamdalah".
Hamdalah spilled wone on her veil as she hearc the last statement.
'You said what?" Hamdalah asked again.
"I said that I want to get married to you. Please say yes. We would get married and leave for Canada. Please Hamdalah, say yes. Will you marry me?"
"Uhm...y..." She was about to let out the three lettered word when her phone rang.
"Please excuse me". Hamdalah left her seat while Zayn nodded in dissappointment.
It was Abdur Rahman calling. As much as she was angry with him, she felt very excited seeing his call.
Smilimg, Hamdalah answered the call. "Asalam 'alaykum Abdur Rahman".
"Wa'alaykumu salam. I'm really sorry for not calling for a while".
Really? I'm happy hearing you again. Hamdalah felt unusually excited and agitated hearing his thick voice.
There was something about him that was just different from other men.
Judging from his voice, she knew that he was also super excited.
"Whatever". She rolled her eyes.
"Seriously Hamdalah, I'm super sorry. You don't know my dad. Whenever I'm with him, I hardly do anything. We would gist like kids and talk about every aspect of our life".
"Hmm. That's nice".
"Yeah. So, where are you?"
Hamdalah almost fell to the ground. If only he could notice how tensed she was.
Why would he ask her such a question?
"Hello? You there?"
"Ah yes. How are you?"
"I'm very fine. Are you okay?"
"Are you sure Hamdalah? You sound different".
"You don't have to worry about me Abdur Rahman. You need to have a good time with your London". Hamdalah frowned.
"Okay. Well, I have a good news which is not really new to you. I'd be back to Nigeria next week Insha Allah" he said cheerfully.
"That's sure good news. Looking forward to seeing you then...less I forget, Maryam's wedding is next week and I'd really love it if you attend".
"Okay then. Insha Allah, I would attend. Bye Hamdalah".
"Goodbye". Hamdalah hung up the call and walked back to the restaurant.
She caught glimpse of Zayn and she couldn't help but stare at him.
He was still the handsome and simple man she had met two weeks ago. He sat nervously on the chair and shook momentarily, his small lips quivering words she couldn't decipher.
She knew that all he wanted was for her to return with a 'yes' response...but how could she say so when she didn't love him. He was very loving and he had a good heart but she couldn't see herself falling in love with him.
Hamdalah couldn't control the tears as she walked back to her seat.
Zayn's eyes grew wider in anticipation as he showed his sparkling white teeth.
His smile turned into a frown as he noticed her wet eyes.
"Are you okay Hamdalah?"
"Yes I am". She sat on the chair.
"Then why are you crying? Who called you and why do you look so different?" he furrowed his eyebrows in concern.
"I'm okay. About your response, I'll think about it but I really need to go home now". Hamdalah said.
"Okay, if that's what you want". He picked his car keys and paid the bills.
Zayn studied Hamdalas's mood throughout their drive home and he wished that he could help her...only if he knew what bothered her.
He felt very disappointed for her hesitation to respond to his request but he had to make her happy. He would be patient till she gets better.
Hamdalah didn't want to hurt Zayn's feelings but she knew that sooner or later, he would learn to accept the truth.



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