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                                  The Signs Of Infatuation (3)

“And I fear that my place gets taken by some other one, very lucky and not too shy, who flirts with your eyes while I’m the one who’s crazy about them.”
Nizar Qabbani

                                                Rose and John
Narrator: Characters in this segment are Rose and John.
     (Rose and John visits John's closest friend, Frank. They eat lunch together).
Frank: John has never been himself since he he met you Rose. I'll tell you that John is madly in love with you.
Rose: (smiles and blushes) Thank you Frank.
Frank: Yes Rose. You made the fall of a strong man. I remember when Joh was still trying to win your heart. He would come home crying and I'd stand and wonder if I was seeing the real John. (He laughed mockingly).
John: (frowns) That's enough Frank. You don't have to beat about the bush. The fact remains that Rose is my woman and I love her so much.
Rose: (Whispered silently) I love you too John.

                                 The Signs of Infatuation Continued
SIGN 11 You Are Creating A Ton Of Drama In Your Relationship
If your relationships feels dramatic instead of loving, then you are probably projecting a lot of intense feelings towards your partner and your relationship, or holding a lot of high expectations over their head or yours. That’s a sign of infatuation not love.
Drama happens when there is a lack of love in the relationship. Love is tender and sweet, not dramatic. You don’t blow up at someone you love and make them feel horrible about themselves. You don’t treat someone you love poorly because you feel they’ve hurt you. You don’t talk about someone you love behind their back negatively and then treat them amazingly in person. But, if you are infatuated, and have a ton of intense (and insecure) feelings towards them, then drama is sure to be present in your relationship.
SIGN 12 You’ve Lost Interest Suddenly
If you’ve lost interest after feeling a bunch of passionate feelings for someone, it can be hard to figure out what is going on. But, there’s a really simple explanation. The infatuation you felt for them is gone and has been replaced by a loss of interest. Remember, infatuation is a powerful feeling that is short-lived, whereas love is a deep connection that stands the test of time. If you don’t feel that connection anymore, then you were not in love and you have also fallen out of infatuation.
SIGN 13 You Feel Tired All The Time

Being infatuated with someone is draining! You are constantly worried about what they think. You are obsessed over what they are doing and whether or not they are as obsessed as you are. You think about them, dream about them, worry about them, cry over them, and stress out when you think things are not going well.
Love doesn’t drain your energy like that. It actually gives you energy. That’s because you are in a higher energy state, where love, gratitude, and joy are, and they are not draining to your energy, they make you feel great. Negative states, such as jealousy, worry, or fear, take a lot of energy to manifest and go through, and that’s why they drain you.

SIGN 14 You Feel Disconnected And Alone
Infatuation is about wanting to be connected to someone. But, when tough times come up, you quickly become aware of how disconnected you really are from them, and you crave their attention or concern.
When you are in love, they are there for you. You have a connection. You are a team. You work through issues, both in your relationships and in your individual lives, together. You never feel alone because you know the person who loves you will always be there for you.
We've come to the end of Signs of Infatuation Series. I'm sure y'all know the difference between love and infatuation. You'll see that what most of us perceive as love is actually not what it seems to be. I hope you gained one or two from the lovely series.
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