Tuesday 28 March 2017


                                                  Episode Eleven
It was Maryam's wedding and the whole family was happy because they finally see the fruits of their labour.
'Ah. After this and that of Hamdalah, I know that I'd finally rest from wedding preparations". Her Aunt said tiredly as she packed the snacks into a cooler.
Hamdalah was very happy that her sister was getting married to the man of her dreams. However, she was sad that she would miss her sweet sister because she was finally going to live with her husband.
Abdur Rahman didn't arrive that week and he couldn't attend Maryam's wedding. He apologized to Hamdalah for his delay. She felt sad and disappointed but she had to forget about him.
She was going to focus on her sister's wedding and make sure that she enjoyed every part of its celebration.
Maryam was dressed as the most beautiful bride. Hamdalah wished that her Parents were alive to see such special day but she knew that Allah is the best of planners.
Hamdalah herself looked very beautiful and dashing. She stared at herself in the mirror and imagined how special her day would be. They drove to the wedding hall and Hamdalah kept on staring at Maryam.
"Oh Hamdalah. You're making me blush". Maryam said, giving her a shy smile.
"Honestly, you're the most beautiful woman in the world". Hamdalah commented.
"I'd so miss you dear. How would I live without you".
"When you've got Jamal by your side". She rolled her eyes.
Jamal and Maryam had known themselves from the university days. Jamal was the president of the Press club and Maryam was the vice president. It was no surprise when the two decided to tie the knots.
Hamdalah had always wished that she was like Maryam who didn't find it hard to know her true lover.
Maryam smacked her sister playfully.
"I'll miss you too dear".
"I can't wait to attend your marriage ...with Abdur Rahman". Maryam laughed and she joined.
*                                                             *                                                     *
The wedding was a very grand one. Mr. Wale attended along with Zayn and his family. Hamdalah was pleased that he honoured her invitation.
After the wedding ceremony, Maryam and Jamal took the last flight to South Africa for their honeymoon while the rest of the family went back home.
Hamdalah wore her night dress and packed her hair into a bun. Holding her phone, she laid on the bed and felt its emptiness without Maryam.
They both occupied the bed and they would gist before falling asleep. Maryam was a good talkative and life without her was a boring one.
Maryam was having a quality time with her husband and it was time she learnt how to live without her.

A/N: Boo-La-Lah!!! Love By Fate has just one episode to go. It's so great to see that our favourite novel series is finally coming to an end and we get to see what happens to Hamdalah and Abdur Rahman.
Tell me...what do you think? Is there really chance for them to be together???
Stay tuned for the last episode!!!

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  1. I believe they would come together and live happily with lovely kids

    1. Well, lets see how right your prediction is ):