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                                         EPISODE TEN
Maryam's wedding preparation was more tasky than that of Zara.
It was  wedding season for the whole family and everyone got busy with its activities. Maryam didn't have time for Hamdalah as she worked effortlessly to make her wedding a success.
That was why Hamdalah didn't confide in her before splitting the truth to Zayn.
It was the worst days for her as she felt that she had broken someone's heart.
"I'm sorry Zayn. I can't marry you". She had blurted out the bitter but real truth.
"Do you love someone else?" his voice choked in anger.
His tone changed in an instance to an unhappy one and she felt that he was crying.
"Yes". Hamdalah cried.
'Does he know how much you love him?"
"I don't know...I don't think so".
"I guess he must be really special then".
"I'm very sorry Zayn for hurting your feelings. You're a good man and you deserve a better woman who would love with all of her heart. Hamdalah sadly said.
'Okay. Thanks for letting me know the truth". he said and ended the call.
It was the last time she heard from Zayn. She knew how devastated he must be feeling but in love, we sometimes have to let go.
Hamdalah used the period to read the Qur'an and ponder on its meanings. She opened a new book and started to read.
When she resumed work the following Monday, she met Mr. Wale at the doorstep and she tried to prevent herself from fidgeting.
She had rejected his choice and she never knew if he would ever forgive her for that.
"Asalam 'alaykum sir". Hamdalah greeted nervously.
"Wa'alaykumu salam". Can I see you now?" Mr. Wale dugged his hands into his pocket.
He looked just the way he had always been but Hamdalah still felt scared because of what had transpired between she and his cousin.
She followed sheepishly behind as he walked to his office.
'Have a seat Hamdalah" he signaled using his hand.
"Thanks". She sat on the seat that felt like boiling steam.
"My cousin told me what happened".
"Yes, and I'm pretty sorry. I didn't mean to break his heart sir. I wish I love him". She pleaded.
"You don't have to be. You did the right thing. You deserve to be with someone that would make you happy". Mr. Wale said.
"I still apologize for rejecting your cousin's offer. I know that he'd be angry with me". Hamdalah cried.
"The truth is always the truth. I should be sorry for trying to match make you. I wanted a responsible woman for my cousin. That was why I did it".
'Thanks for understanding sir. I really appreciate it".
"It's alright Hamdalah. One thing I admire about you is your courage and braveness. You always stand for what is right and that is a very good thing," he smiled, "Tell me, is there someone who has stolen your heart?" he smirked.
"Well sir..." She played with the edge of her long veil.
"You don't have to be shy. We're more than co-workers. We're friends". Mr. Wale placed his hand at the tip of his jaw, expecting more from her.
"Yes sir...but the problem is that he doesn't know about it". She frowned.
'Tell him how you feel".
"Yes Hamdalah. I'm sure he must have noticed your attraction towards him and he might feel the same way. Some men can be daft that they don't know when to propose to a lady. I'm an example. It took my wife courage to approach me, and that was when I discovered how much I love her". He smiled, thinking of the old days.
"How is Fatimah, Aisha and Muhammad?" She asked of his children.
She had last seen them when she attended Muhammad's naming ceremony. They were nice and lovely kids and Mr. Wale would be glad to have such wonderful children.
"They are fine and very stubborn. Muhammad is the most stubborn. He is the only male child and he is bent on breaking everything home". He laughed loudly.
Hamdalah laughed. "Makes me dream of having my own kids".
"I'm serious Hamdalah", he said maintaining his point, "It might sound awkward but you lose nothing by expressing your feelings. If you don't say it, it might remain like this and if you do and he doesn't feel the same way, then let go, All is fair in love".
"Okay Mr. Wale. Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate". Hamdalah said.
"You're always welcome. Whenever you need any advice, just come to me. I'll always be there for you". He said and she left his office with so much peace and happiness.
*                       *                             *
When Hamdalah got home in the evening, she met her Aunt making her lesson note in the living room.
Her Aunt worked as an English teacher in the community's secondary school.
"Asalamu 'alaykum Aunt".
"Wa'alaykum salam. How was work?"
"Alhamdullillah (All praises to Allah).
"Who is that guy, Zayn?"
"He is fine Aunt. I need to take a rest now".  She quickly entered to prevent further questioning.
Hamdalah met her sister in the living room, getting dressed to go out. She greeted her reluctantly as she dropped her bag and laid tiredly on the  bed.
"Hamdalah", Maryam said wearing her earrings, "You look very moody these days and I'm not happy about it. My wedding is in three days time and you're acting really weird. I don't care if it is Abdur Rahman or Zayn. All I know is that you must look happy for my wedding". Maryam said as she carried her bag and left the room.
Hamdalah sighed deeply as she opened her laptop and inserted her modem. She went to Ola Matem's site and read what she wrote about expressing one's feelings as a lady.
...You don't express your feelings like that to a man. He'd get scared. Let it be one at a time. Express it indirectly. Make him your friend and make him interested in you.
If you express your feelings to him in an instance, he would get scared and run away ): ...

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