Monday 6 March 2017


                                      Episode Eight         
Hamdalah cooked earnestly in the kitchen for the whole family. They had decided to celebrate her promotion by eating her delicious meal.
"It's not fair. I shouldn't be the one cooking today". She stared out of the kitchen for the fifth time, where the rest watched TV.
"It's so unfortunate that you're the best cook". Her Aunt said as everyone giggled.
"You should own a restaurant. You have passion for cooking just like journalism". Someone mocked her.
Hamdalah grumbled in response. She knew that it would be one of her little cousins.
Hamdalah made fried rice, salad and baked chicken for the whole family. She also made pancakes.
"Hamdalah, your phone is ringing". Maryam called from the room.
"Who is it?"
"I don't know". She walked huskily to prevent Hamdalah from missing the call.
"Keep the phone with you next time". She threw the phone at Hamdalah and walked out of the kitchen.
"Hey! How are you?".
"Hi. I'm fine. Please who's this?"
"It's me, Zayn". The responder said.
"Oh. How did you get my number because I don't remember giving you".
"I got it from Mr. Wale". She heard a light chuckle and she held her fists in anger.
"About my request, I was wondering if we could go out during the weekend. Just say any place you wish to go and I'd take you there".
"I'm sorry but I told you my reasons".
"Yes I know, but I think you can shift out a little time during the weekend". He protested.
"I'll see what I can do. Bye".
"Bye Hamdalah".
*                   *                       *

Hamdalah narrated Zayn's incident to Maryam and she listened attentively.
"Hmm". Maryam commented as she laid on the bed, placing her hands on the pillow.
"Hmm. Is that all you can say?" Hamdalah rolled her eyes at her sister who didn't say a word throughout the narration.
"I think you're the luckiest damsel this period. Abdur Rahman is on one side and Zayn is on the other side. What baffles me is that they are both rich and handsome". Maryam clasped her hands in wonder.
'I'm confused Maryam", She stood up from the bed and paced around the room, "I love Abdur Rahman but I don't think he loves me back. Here is Zayn, ready to change my life and make me his wife".
"If I say no to Zayn, I may regret it for the rest of my life". She placed her hand over her head in frustration.
"Do you love Zayn?"
"I can't say. I've known him for days. I may get to love him if I know him better".
"What of Abdur Rahman?"
"He may see me as just a friend. What if h returns and we continue the way we used to mere friends".
"If Abdur Rahman was to propose to you, who would you prefer between the two of them?"
"Abdur Rahman".
"I think that you should wait for Abdur Rahman to return but till then, accept Zayn's date request and see what he has to say". Maryam said.
"Okay". Hamdalah said as Zayn called again.
Just like he had overheard their conversation, she picked his call and told him her new change of mind.
"Thank you sis. I love you so very much". She hugged Maryam tightly.           
If you were to see Abdur Rahman, what would be the first thing you'd do? Punch him on the face for hiding his feelings or tell him to confess his love to Hamdalah???
Which team are you right now?
#Team Abdur Rahman or #Team Zayn?
To be continued...



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