Wednesday 26 April 2017

A Letter To My Best Friend

                                                                    Episode  Two

Linda caught the whole class attention as she screamed to the top of her voice.
"My money is missing. Someone stole my money". Linda cried.
"Are you sure you took the money to school? Mrs. Walter inquired.
"Yes I did. It was meant for the graph book. Now it is missing all of a sudden". She insisted.
"Silly how people steal because they cannot be contented". Donna whispered to Justin.
"Okay students. You all have to be searched. I can't imagine what you gain by stealing." She said as all bags were pulled out to be thoroughly searched.
The bags were searched one by one and when it got to Donna's turn,  she confidently dropped her bag for search.
Surprisingly, the money was brought out of her bag.
"That is the money". Linda yelled.
Mrs. Walter looked disappointed as she stared at Donna. "Why do you have to steal the money. You've paid for the graph book".
'I...I didn't steal it Ma. I really can't explain how it got to my bag". Donna cried unbelievably.
She turned over to Justin for support but there was a blank look on his face.
"Then how did it get to your bag?" Mrs. Walter asked.
"She's an orphan. Her Aunt's not rich. She stole the money". The class screamed.
Donna tried to hold back her tears but it was impossible. It filled her face in an instance. She cried as she thought of her classmates accusations. It was pointless trying to convince them that she didn't steal the money. They never trusted her anyway.
She had only her best friend. Someone who would stand by her even though the whole world was against her. Someone who would always trust her no matter what others claim about her. She had Justin.
She turned to him with a reassuring look. "You know I didn't steal the money right? I wonder how it got to my bag". She said as he frowned at her.
"What do you want me to believe. The money was found in your bag". he pressed his thin lips tightly together in frustration.
"But I didn't steal it!"
"Then answer this simple question. How the hell did it get to your bag?" Justin asked.
Donna gave up. No one was going to believe her...not even her best friend.
"Okay Mrs. Walter. You can give me whatever punishment for finding the money in my bag".
"I'll take you to the principal's office." Mrs. Walter said as they both set to leave the class.
Just then did Annabel, Linda's younger sister entered the class.
"Excuse me ma. I want to ask Linda if she saw the money I kept in her bag during assembly". she said innocently.
'You kept some money in her bag?"
"Yes ma".
"But Linda said the money is missing. Are you sure you kept it there?"
Annabel scratched her hair in confusion. "Yes. I kept it in this bag" she said pointing at Donna's bag.
"This is my bag". Donna retorted.
"Oh...I'm sorry. I probably kept it in the wrong bag. The bag looks so alike".
"It means that Donna didn't steal the money. It was accidently kept in her bag. You should all apologize to her because you have accused her falsely for what she knows nothing about". Mrs. Walter said as the class apologized.
Justin apologized to Donna but she ignored him. She felt betrayed and helpless. She kept to herself throughout the day and she never said a word to anyone. Not even Justin.



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