Friday 28 April 2017

A Letter To My Best Friend

                                                            Episode Three

Justin felt bad throughout the day. Not just because his best friend was mad at him, but because he had broken her heart. He had left her when she needed him the most. He was her best friend. He was meant to trust and protect her because of all they've shared together right from childhood.
Lectures sucked him. He hardly paid attention in class. He stared at Donna as she fixed her gaze to the board. He didn't know what he could do to compensate for what he had done.
After classes, Donna packed her books into her bags and set to leave. Justin was worried. They went home together everyday...but today was different. She didn't ask him if he was ready.
Justin cleared his throat. "I thought we could go home together since you're ready". he said nervously.
"Justin," she said as she carried her bag, "You betrayed me. We're no more friends. I thought you were better off than others and that was why I trusted you with my secrets. But I'm wrong. You're just like them. This is the end of our friendship. Don't you ever say a word to me again because nothing can change what has happened". She scoffed at him.
"I'm really sorry Donna". he muttered painfully.
"I hate you!!!" she yelled at him as she left the class.
*                                                                                     *                                                       *
Justin laid on his bed and cried bitterly. He had lost his best friend and he felt bad because he caused it all. He didn't trust Donna. He didn't stand by her when she needed him the most.
He knew that Donna was never going to talk to him or let him explain or apologize. Standing up, he walked over to his reading table where he took a piece of paper and pen. He was going to write to his best friend. He was going to tell her how hopeless it would be without her in his life. He wanted them to be together again. He wanted to see her happy.
I'm going to win her back. He thought to himself.

He started to write about their friendship, how inseparable they'd been and how angry he felt at himself for not believing her. He wrote about how life would be without her and how desperate he wanted them to be together again. How desperate he wanted things to change back to how it always was and how desperate he wanted to see that smile back to her lips.


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