Wednesday 12 April 2017


                                                    The Fun of Being A Corper
Hey great fans of the Nitty Wall. Welcome to another segment of 'Life is An Art'.
This issue struck my mind and I thought that I had to share it.
As a corper, there are several challenges and hurdles that one has to face.
I vividly remembered when I went for the three weeks orientation camp. I felt so demoralized and frustrated. I felt that I had gone there to waste my precious time. I could hardly post on my blog despite the fact that I had carried my laptop along with me. The theft was so serious that one shouldn't have an idea that you have such in your possession. I had to apologize to my fans; mostly the anticipated readers of 'Love by Fate' series. Later, I saw the three weeks camp like a vacation; a way of doing away with all forms of work and meeting new friends.
The greatest challenge that struck me was the day we left camp. We all felt joyous of our place of primary assignments but the story changed when we got there. Most of my friends that got to their PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) on that day were rejected, except one precisely and he complained of lack of power supply in his area.
"NYSC is a waste of time and energy. It should be scrapped". I lamented.
I wouldn't forget that day. It was the day I regretted being a Nigerian. I complained to my dad about the worthlessness of NYSC. "NYSC has lost its glory years ago. It is not what it used to be. Corruption has eaten deep into the system. After studying in school for years, they want us to pass through this?" I said, almost in tears.
"Mmm". My dad said, watching me.
"Dad, the only reason NYSC is still in the system is because everyone sees it as a phase they have to pass through. It is high time we found a lasting solution to it".
"Probably during my time, NYSC would have been scrapped". My younger sister added.
"I wish I were you". I had muttered silently.
*                                                                       *                                                                        *
Looking back at what I had said makes me chuckle. Of course it wasn't easy at first, settling down in a new environment and starting work. However, the end result is great.
I've met lots of interesting people I know for sure I wouldn't have met if not for NYSC. Being a corper gave an avenue for meeting new and lovely friends and who would make you laugh earnestly. I've met people that have impacted positively in my life.
I was in a meeting with a group of corpers and I felt intrigued at the thought that we're all corpers.
Really? We're all corpers. Oh My gosh! I had screamed inside of me.
The greatest fun of being a corper is when people look at you in awe and respect. I work in a polytechnic and apart from being a young graduate, I also have a small stature :) I cannot deny the fact that I find it interesting seeing the way students respect me. Students I know for sure are older than me.
I live among students since I say in a student area. A funny incident happened recently. I was in my apartment when someone knocked at my door. I opened to see a student in front of me.
"Good Morning Ma. I guess this is for you". She said, holding a peg.
She was practically bending when she said those words. What intrigued me was the 'Ma' aspect. I'm very sure that student is older than I am but being a corper, I deserve all the respect no matter my size or age :)
The best part of this whole experience is on my CDs day, when I get to  put on the khaki uniform.
I usually go to the market after CDs since it's the work free day of the week. The respect that everyone gives me is overwhelming. The lovely stare and everything makes it fun being a corper.
A bike rider (I'm really sorry I always use them as a reference point. They might be illiterates but most of them are smart) told me the challenges he feels corpers face.
"How much is even the allowance. The fact is that when one finishes serving, he/she would look for a better paid employment. I see NYSC as a way of teaching graduates what hardship means. After then, the enjoyment begins". He had said in yoruba.
I took his words and agreed with him. NYSC might be challenging but there is a greater fun attached to it. So if you pray for NYSC to be scrapped, you're gonna miss out on a whole lot of things.
I was with my friend last week and she explained how things were for her before she got settled.
"Maryam, whatever situation we are in right now, with our work or where we stay, we have to adapt because we've got no reason to complain. I remembered how I used to cry to my Parents before. Everything's changed now". She said matter-of-factly.
I say a big shout out to all the lovely friends I've made since the beginning of my service year.
Rasheedah, Nafisah, Sulayman, Abdullah, Haruna, Omar Abdur Rahman, Efe David, Hafsah, Ada, Tawakalt, Fadekemi, Safiyyah, Nuriyyah, Taoheedah, Ganiyat, Balqees, Ghazal, Esther, Seyi, Sampson, Johnson, Asiat, Mr. Oladosu Olamide...and a host of others (I'm so sorry if your name is not included). You all are wonderful and amazing. I wonder if our paths would ever have crossed if not for NYSC. Then, I can imagine how life would be without you guys.
As always, Life is an art. It is very beautiful and lovely. Although, behind those lovely designs are mistakes and errors. Life is not always the way we want it to be but it is our duty to make ourselves happy.
Remember that life is very short to be unhappy. So forgive quickly, love truly and never forget anything that made you smile!!!
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Have a great day and be happy!



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