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                              Episode Twelve
It was two weeks after the wedding and Hamdalah had gotten used to living without Maryam and Abdur Rahman.
Maryam was now married and Abdur Rahman may never come soon. She had given up on him or believing his flimsy promises.
Since she was promoted as the Assistant Chief Editor, she had more work to do and this made her busier than before.
Hamdalah worked diligently and did her best to pull all members of her department along.
It was Wednesday morning and Hamdalah supervised the works performed by all members of her department. Dressed in a long blue gown and gold veil, she had a coffee in one hand as she went through a file on one of the worker's desk.
He came in by surprise and Hamdalah hadn't expected to see him that soon, not even showing up at her work place.
Hamdalah caught sight of someone walking towards her and she turned to see the person she had longed to see.
He was dressed in his usual shirt tucked in a jean trouser. His dark hair neatly combed and creamed, and his skin looking fairer than before. His big black boots brought out his tall height and his hand was a pack of red flowers.
He had a plastered grin on his face and like Hamdalah, he seemed to have swept the whole crowd off their feet as they gazed at him in awe and admiration.
It took a great effort for Hamdalah to prevent the cup of coffee to slip off her shaky hand. She has no doubt that she was seeing the real Abdur Rahman. He was the only one that could make her that nervous and wobbly.
"Asalamu 'alaykum Hamdalah". He stood in front of her, flashing his biggest grin.
"Wa 'alaykumu salam". Hamdalah said shyly, not just because the love of her life is in front of her, but because of the crowd of workers staring at them.
'Here is for you". he gave her the bouquet of flowers.
"Could we at least go to somewhere more private?" Abdur Rahman said as Hamdalah dropped the flowers in her office and followed him out of the building.
Abdur Rahman was very happy to see Hamdalah again. He remembered how incomplete he had felt without her and he was glad to have her by his side.
"You love her Abdur Rahman. Tell her how you feel". His father had motivated him.
When he landed in Lagos, he took it as his first priority to stop at Hamdalah's work place and propose to her.
When they sat in the nearby restaurant, he felt a chill to his spine when he saw the bracelet he had sent her on her wrist.
While they drank their milkshake, Abdur Rahman talked about his stay in London and the nice time he had with his father.
Hamdalah pretended to be interested in the conversation but all she thought of was how to tell him how she felt about him.
"...That was how my holiday went". He said, finishing his story.
They both grew nervous all of a sudden as they hesitated to talk.
Hamdalah coughed. "Abdur Rahman?"
"There's something I want to tell you. I just don't know how to put it and how you'd feel..."
"I also want to say something Hamdalah". He sipped his drink in anxiety.
"I've fallen in love with you right from when we met at the library. I tried to deny that feeling but it grew stronger every minute of the day. Whenever I think of you, I remember how incomplete my life would be without you. I love you so much Hamdalah and I want you to be the mother of my kids. Let's get married. I promise to always make you happy. What do you say about that?" Abdur Rahman poured out his feelings as beads of sweat formed around his fore head.
Hamdalah was awestruck by his confession. She gazed at him astonishingly.
"What took you so long?" She asked, wondering why he had delayed in his proposal.
Abdur Rahman sighed deeply. "Hamdalah, I know that I'm the most stupid person on earth".
"You're not just stupid, you're also very stubborn". She said as they both laughed.
"I admit to all that...but you've still not given me an answer".
"I have one bad trait". Hamdalah said.
"What is that?"
"I'm highly impatient. Can you see my guardians tomorrow? I can't wait for us to tie the knots".
"I would love to 'cos I also can't wait to get married to you". he chuckled.
"I feel much better now. You were about to say something?"
"Never mind. I just love you".
"I love you too dear".
*                              *                             *

"...and that's the end of our story". Abdur Rahman said stroking his fingers into Hassanah's full hair.
Hamdalah was at the other side patting Hassanah's back.
Their twins; Hasan and Hassanah had grown up to be lovely kids. They were only eight years old and they told them bed time stories.
Different from other nights, Abdur Rahman and Hamdalah told the children their love story and how they met before they got married.
"Your story is lovely mom and dad. I wish to find a man in future who would love me just like you both do". Hassanah said with sleepy eyes.
"Me too". Hassanah continued.
" Do not worry love, Allah has something greater in store for you". Hamdalah said as they both drifted to sleep.
They both smiled mischievously as they gently left the room for theirs.
Mansur had visited with his newly wedded bride, Aisha. It wasn't long they left that they had put their children to bed.
Hamdalah jumped graciously on the soft bed as she drew closer to him.
"How do you feel about hearing our story again?" he played with the strands of hair as she laid on his chest.
"I feel more sparks to my heart". She laughed.
"Me too baby".
Hamdalah started to laugh and Abdur Rahman grew very confused.
"Why are you laughing?"
Hamdalah ignored his question as she continued.
"Are you going to tell me the reason for your sudden laughter?"
"Well, I remembered what Mansur said about how helpless you were when you met me". She said as he joined her in laughter.
"Don't mock me pretty. Maryam told me about yours".
"I can never stop loving you Hamdalah".
"Nor can I". She replied as he silenced her in a deep kiss".


As Hamdalah

As Abdur Rahman.

As Maryam

As Zayn

As Zara

As Mansur

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                                          LOVE BY FATE (2)
Abdur Rahman and Hamdalah's children, Hassan and Hassanah's are grown up. They are twenty-one years old and are undergraduate in the university.
Hassan and Hassanah searches for their true love but they see no perfect example like that of their Parents.
Patiently waiting for their true love, they face several hurdles and challneges on the way.

*Maryam's children; Ibrahim, Yusuf and Zaynab as well as Mansur's child Sami'at are characters in this novel.
* The novel also portrays Abdur Rahman and Hamdalah's love story in their marriage and Mansur's humour. Maryam and Zara are also exciting characters in the novel.

Watch out....

"Love is a disease and it's cure is marriage".
                                                                                    -Ibn Qayyum.

A/N: Whoa! I can't believe that 'Love By Fate' is at its end. It's been months now and its surprising that we're finally through with the first novel series on the Nitty Wall.
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Love by Fate has not ended. This is just the beginning. The part 2 is promised to be more thrilling than the first part. I know y'all are looking forward to reading it.
'The Letter' is our new novel series and I hope you enjoy it just like you did with 'Love by Fate'
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  1. Whoa! I can't believe Love by fate has finally ended. I really enjoyed this story that talks about true love and I also can't wait to read the other version of it.