Wednesday 26 April 2017


                                            A Letter To My Best Friend (Episode One)

Justin lived with his family in Manhattan. He was the only child of his Parents. He was a very handsome boy with black hair and blue eyes. He was ten years old. He schooled in Mary Jane Junior High School and he was in his eighth grade.
Justin was very intelligent, nice and kind. He had a very close friend; Donna. They had been friends since their childhood days. Donna was the same age with Justin. She was an orphan and she lived with her Aunt in Manhattan.  Her Aunt was a single woman who owned a small restaurant. Donna usually assisted her after school hours. She learnt a lot of cooking skills from her Aunt as well as how to run a business efficiently. Her Aunt was very nice to her and treated her like her own child.
Justin spent most of his time with Donna. He had other male friends but Donna was the closest to him. They were seatmates in class and they studied together during free periods. They both went to the library together and they had lunch together. Donna usually keep away from her fellow students. She never associated with them, except Justin. He was the only one that knew who she really was. She spoke to him freely and poured her emotions. She told him her biggest secret and took him as her biggest confidant.
During lunch, they would talk and eat together. They walked home together after school hours. Donna and Justin would paint together in his art workshop and she would bring food from her Aunt's restaurant.
The families knew each other very well. They both visited each other. Donna was no stranger in Justin's house and her Aunt took him like her own son too. They were too close to be inseparable.
Everything between them was very fine all until something happened which might never bring their relationship back together again. Justin did not stand for Donna when she needed him the most. She felt very betrayed and disheartened. It was what threw their relationship apart.  
*                                                                           *                                                                                *
Justin and Donna walked to the Assembly hall together. She complained of having a headache and he gave her some aspirin that he always kept in his school bag.
They talked about the math test they wrote yesterday as they dropped their bags and stood their grounds in the Assembly hall with other students.
After assembly, the students walked back to their classes. Classes went on very well till Mrs. Williams; the science teacher entered the class. She had asked the students to come along with some money to purchase their graph book.

As she asked for the payment, students lined up to pay and get their graph books. It was when Linda began to scream. be continued tomorrow


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