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as Lyon.

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                                               Episode One
Elsie sat on the chair of her little room as her maids dressed her up. She was dressed in a wedding gown and her hair was packed and decorated in flowers.
It was her wedding day. She was to get married to the richest man in Ovaron and the wedding was planned exquisitely. Despite the huge celebration and glamour, Elsie felt sad about getting married.
It's alright...It's too late...It was a mistake falling in love with him...If Andrew was truly the one, I wouldn't be getting married to Steve. She thought to herself as she viewed her beautiful self in the mirror.
"Elsie..." Melissa gave her a gentle touch on her shoulder, which drifted her from her painful thought.
Melissa was Elsie's best friend right from childhood. She was her closest companion and the only one she shared her secrets with.
"Yes Melissa?" She said, trying to prevent her tear filled eyes from dripping the tears down her cheeks.
"You don't seem happy and I know it's because of Andrew. He isn't worth you Elsa. If he does, he would be getting married to you today. Enjoy your day and don't let him spoil it for you".
"Okay". Elsie said in hush whispers.
She knew she was wrong. She imagined how she could live without him. He was already a part of her.
No. Melissa's right. Andrew is past now!
Elsie tried to stifle a rueful smile as she stared at her friend.
"How do I look?"
"Truthfully, you're the most beautiful person on earth right now. Who wouldn't care to keep staring, just looking at your pretty face". Melissa smirked.
Elsie rolled her eyes but she couldn't hide the clear pink on her cheeks. "That's way too much for me. How would you describe me that way?"
"'Cos that's exactly what you look like...just for today actually". Melissa laughed as she smacked her playfully.
"I love you so much Elsie".
"Me too Melissa. You'd always remain my best friend". They hugged themselves tightly.
They were both intruded by a maid who entered with a white envelope.
"I'm sorry to intrude my lady but a letter was sent to you. Here is it my lady". She presents the letter and leave.
Elsie and Melissa gave each other a knowing glare. They both knew who could have sent the letter. It was no other person than Andrew.
"Elsie, give me that letter. You don't have to read this. It's too late. You're getting married to Steve and nothing can change that". Melissa scowled, thinking of what he had done.
Elsie held the letter in confusion, deliberating whether to read it or not.
Well...it's too late even if I do read it. Let's see what he has to say. Elsie chewed her lips in thought.
"Don't tell me you're going to read this". Melissa glared at her in fury.
"Yes Melissa. I'm going to read the letter". She said bluntly.
"I always knew you still love him!"
"Of course I do. I'd always love Andrew...but it is too late. I'm not going back to him again".
"Oh well, I've got better things to do while you read your letter". Melissa said, leaving the room.
It wasn't Melissa's fault that she was reacting that way to Andrew. It was because of what Andrew had done to Elsie. He had hurt her so much.
With trembling hands, Elsie removed the letter carefully from its white envelope.
Sighing heavily, she opened the letter and starts to read.

 A/N: Hey lovely fans of the Nitty Wall. This is the official launch of our new novel series...yay!!!
More to come our way as the weeks run.
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  1. Whoa! This story is awesome and I can't wait to read the letter Andrew sent to Elsie. This is a great suspense.