Monday 24 April 2017


                                     Episode Three     
"Are you alright Andrew?" My mom placed her warm hands on mine.
We were having boiled potatoes and tomato sauce for dinner and as usual, we sat in the cool breeze, watching the moon that lit up the night.
Though my mom was blind, she always imagined a good picture of how the moon looked.
"I'm fine Mama". I lied.
"You can't lie to me Andrew. You've been pretty awkward since you arrived today". She frowned at me.
My mom was right. I had not been myself since I saw you in the morning, more for the fact that we were from two separate worlds.
"I'm so sorry Mama but it's something less important. I'd get over it before tomorrow". I said, doubting that myself.
"It's less important and you're acting this way? You've barely eaten anything!"
"I'm sorry Mama".
"Is it a girl?"
"Yes Mama".
My mom gave a satisfactory smile.
"I told you there would be a girl someday. The time is finally here".
"It's not the way it seems. She's quite different from me". I bit my lower lip out of disappointment.
"What makes her different?"
She's from a very wealthy home and I doubt if I'm the type of girl she likes".
"There's nothing bad in trying Andrew. You can win her heart by trying to be the kind of girl she wants. I don't know if it is love you feel but if it truly is, love knows no boundaries Andrew. I hope you get that".
'Yes, I do get that. Thanks so much Mama". I smiled, having gotten the greatest motivation from my mom.
As I went to sleep that night, I only had one thing in mind; How to win your heart!

A/N: Hello guys! I've missed you so much...One week was like a year. I'm glad to be finally back with y'all.
Well, I've got a great reward to you lovely fans. The third episode is rather short which means that another episode would be uploaded this week. Instead of having one episode, you get to read two episodes this week. Great isn't it???
I'm just overcoming Writer's block which had made me kinda down this past days. But with you guys, there's nothing less than happiness.
Happy Reading!



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