Monday 17 April 2017


                                                  Episode Two
Preview of Episode One
"Don't tell me you're going to read this letter". Melissa stared at her in fury.
"Yes Melissa. I'm going to read the letter". She said bluntly.
"I always knew you still love him!"
"Of course I do. I'd always love Andrew...but it is too late. I'm not going back to him again".
"Oh well, I've got better things to do while you read your letter". Melissa said, leaving the room.
It wasn't Melissa's fault that she was reacting that way to Andrew. It was because of what Andrew had done to Elsie. He had hurt her so much.
With trembling hands, Elsie removed the letter carefully from its white envelope.
Sighing heavily, she opened the letter and starts to read.

Dear Elsie,
They say that love is perfect, that love is beautiful and love knows no error...but I never knew I'd experience love because I wasn't perfect.
Yes Elsie, just like the fairy tales, where the handsome prince falls in love with the beautiful princess and they live happily ever after. I've always seen love like that and because I wasn't perfect, I never dreamt of falling in love.
I was the kind of guy that ladies do not give up a second look. Poor, shabby looking and extremely unkempt. More so, I have a poor shack with my old blind mother. She's the only I've got and I'm the only one she have.
She sold tea to earn a living. That was how we survived and make ends meet. Despite being poor and lonely, my mother was a very happy woman who would never stop smiling. She never saw our challenges as a hindrance to her unhappiness. My mother would praise me and tell me how handsome and special I was.
'You can't say that you would never fall in love Andrew. You'll find a lovely and sweet girl who would love you with all her heart and accept you for who you are". She would say, kissing my forehead.
I never believed what she said but it always had a soothing effect on me. This was because I knew that there was someone who actually believed in me and cherished me. That was my mother.
There was someone else whom I cherish a lot. It was my best friend; Jake. We had been best friends right from childhood and we've been inseparable till then. We attended the same school, we were in the same grade and we sat together in class. Unlike me, Jake came from a very comfortable home and he was the only child of his Parents.
Jake and I were age mates. He was really handsome and good looking. Some pretty amount of girls flocked around him. Jake was cool and well mannered. His smile was breath taking and he'd sit and carefully listen to all I've got to say...even though it sounded meaningless.
*                                   *                            *
Elsie, I met you on a Monday morning. The sky was somewhat foggy and it looked like it would rain. The weather was indeed great and it depicted how great the day would be.
Jake and I were in a hurry to meet our first lecture and due to my anxiety, I scurried over and fell some lecture notes to the ground.
In an attempt to pick the notes, I caught glimpse of you and I couldn't remove my gaze.
I wondered if I was dreaming because of you were the loveliest thing I'd ever set my eyes on.
The driver had just dropped you off and you hopped down with your friend, Melissa.
I didn't know what happened when my eyes met you but it really was magical, like I was in illusion. The wind whirled around and I didn't if I was affected by the wind or you.
You were the most beautiful creature I'd ever set my eyes on. You were charming, lovely and very pretty. You were dressed in a black long sleeved top and a red pleating skirt. Your jet black hair was tied into a bun with a red flowery ribbon.
The wind blew part of your lovely hair out of its bun and it felt so lovely watching you pack them back.
I could notice the swarms of people that welcomed you, like you were the Princess of Ovaron. You flashed your brightest smile as you returned to all your greetings...only till when Steve Walker parked his car and walked toward you. The smile melted away from your face and you rolled your eyes at him and walked away with Melissa.
I wasn't surprised by your attitude to Steve Walker. He was the son of the richest man and the most popular boy in school. Steve got all he wanted and that made him very arrogant and rude.
Someone cleared his throat and I looked to see Jake stare at me with folded hands.
It was then I realized that I wasn't in illusion, that I was walking with my friend and my books had fallen to the ground. That I had seen you and it was real. That you were the most beautiful person I'd ever set my eyes on.
I was still in the same position I was while packing my books and to tell you the truth, it was pretty awkward.
"Really?" Jake widened his eyes, giving me an evil grin.
"Duh". I rolled my eyes at him as I packed my books and rose to my feet.
We continued our walk to the classroom and I knew that Jake would talk about what happened.
Yeah, I was right.
'What's up with Elsie?"
"Elsie...the girl you were staring at".
' that her name?"
"I figured you didn't know her. Probably the reason you were staring. She's way off your league man". Jake said matter-of-factly as he shoved his hands into his pockets.
'Why do you say so?"
"Looking at her, you should know that she is from one of the noble family of Ovaron. More so, Steve Walker has his eyes on her". He said as he walked past me into the classroom.
It took seconds for me to digest what Jake had said. Not only were you pretty, you were also from a very wealthy home...way different from me.
I tried to forget about you but my mind couldn't drift off you. I hardly concentrated in class. You were in my thoughts, everything I did in school. I searched for you all day. I watched you attend classes with Melissa as you laughed heartily when discussing with her.
The sound of your laugh makes my heart beat faster and my whole body shiver.
I watched as you had lunch with Melissa and the way you snubbed Steve when he came disturbing again.
After classes, you went to the field to watch the basketball players. You were thrilled by how they played and I saw how much you love the sport. Worse still, Steve was their captain and that hurt me so much. It seems he has his way of getting around you all the time.
"Are you done?" Jake asked.
He had silently studied me throughout the day. Probably he wanted me to discover things for myself.
"Yes I am". I painfully said as I carried my backpack with one side of my arm and walked out of the field.
Jake hurried so he could keep pace with me.
"Now you see what I mean this morning right?"
"Yes I do". I scowled, picturing Steve's evil face.
"It's alright Andrew. Everything's fine. It's late. Mama would be missing you already". He chuckled, placing his hand around my neck".
Jake sure had ways of making things look better in all situation. That's why he is my best friend.

 To be continued...