Thursday 4 May 2017

A Letter To My Best Friend (Finalle)

                                                                      Episode Five

...Today, when you sat beside me without any greetings,
I knew that things could change in an instance. We were still seatmates but we sat like strangers. You pretended like you didn't care about me. You did all things by yourself, but in your eyes was sadness. You walked alone and had lunch without me. It is very painful seeing you in such a state.
I tried to concentrate even with how difficult it was. Seeing you beside me and unable to say anything. You know, it wouldn't have been worse if we weren't seatmates but unfortunately, we are.
I understand everything Donna and I know that you are very right to get angry with me, but what about our friendship? It shouldn't just go down the drain like that.  We should learn to forgive and let the past be past.
I visited your Aunt's place after school to see if I was wrong about everything. Maybe I'm just wasting my time writing this letter and maybe if I could explain everything to you, you would forgive me whole heartedly. But I was wrong. I met your Aunt in the living room. She looked very sober and I've never seen her that way before.
"I'm really sorry Justin but Donna doesn't want to see you". She said as I sighed in disappointment.
"Okay". I said as I started to leave.
"Wait Justin," Her Aunt cried, "Donna is not fine. She's worse than when she lost her Parents. She bawls all night ".
"I'm really sorry Aunt". I said as she hugged me.
I knew that I had broken your heart. I'm very sorry Donna. I'm sorry for making you unhappy and heartbroken. I want everything to come back to the way it was and I beg you. I beg you to forgive me for what I've done because I promise to never break your heart. As you read this letter, I sincerely hope you forgive me and make us best friends again.
                                                                                                                                   Yours Sincerely,

*                                                                                   *                                                                           *
It was a week since Justin kept the letter in her bag and there was still no reply from her. He gave up on her. He gave up on everything. He accepted the fact that they would never be friends again.
He paced around the room and tried to forget about the wonderful girl who was once his best friend but he couldn't. Tears streamed down his face as he searched through his box for their friendship album. It was an album of the pictures they took together.
Maybe if I erase all pictures of her, I'll forget about her. He thought as he went through the pictures and memories of the past flashed through him. He was about to tear the pictures when he heard a knock on the door.
"Mom, not now". He screamed at the door.
To his utmost surprise, Donna entered the room with a white envelope in her hand. She was holding the letter he had written to her.
"Can I sit?" she asked nervously.
"Of course". he  said as she sat beside him on the bed.
She cleared her throat. "Your letter is marvelous. I'll keep it in a safe place so that I can read it all over again". She smiled at him.
He felt a twinkling sensation in his stomach. It was long he saw that cute smile.
"Thanks". Justin commented.
"You're always welcomed". She replied.
There was an awkward silence between them as they both stared around the room nervously.
Donna looked into his eyes and he kept his gaze at her. "I've missed you so much best friend".
"I've missed you too". Justin said as he pulled her into a big hug.
Justin let the tears flow freely down his face. No one need to tell him that Donna was also crying. Her tears wet the shoulder of his shirt. The hug said it all. It meant that she had forgiven him, that they were going to be best friends again and that they would never try to hurt themselves anymore. It said that they were truly inseparable and their friendship was one that would last forever.
Justin and Donna became best friends again but he had a lot to learn from their crisis. He learnt to always trust his friend and to put himself as if he was in their condition. He also learnt to protect and stand by those who mean a lot to him. He learnt to never betray a dear friend and to learn ways to settle whatever dispute two friends could be having.
Justin and Donna were inseparable like before but they could never forget the impact of the letter because it said all about their friendship and how true and genuine it was.



A/N: So our second 'daily short story' has finally ended. Don't get it all confused. 'The Letter' is our novel series and it has not  ended. This is a daily short story and it is titled 'A Letter to my Best Friend'. I hope you get that now.
What have you gained from this story? Can you go as far as writing a letter just like Justin did, to get back with your best friend? Well, I've done this before. I couldn't imagine losing such a precious friend.
A new short story would be updated soon and till then, have a great time!


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