Tuesday 23 May 2017



Tell us more about yourself?
I am Bakare Olalekan Mubarak, an Actor, a multiple award winning model, Mr. Nigeria International Kwara 2016/17, the creative director of Mubby's Clothier and of course, the tallest model in (Sub-Saharan Africa) Nigeria...ultimately  the tallest model corper in Nigeria currently.
I grew up as a mummy and daddy's boy (laughs), royal family. I have 5 siblings and I am the third amongst the six of us.

What has been the breaking point in your career?
As far as I'm concerned, there is no breaking point yet, 'cos I believe all these are still stepping stones...enough greater things awaits us, but so far, I think it's the nationwide record, that is being the tallest model in the nation.

Being the tallest model in Nigeria. What uniqueness has it paid you in the modeling industry?
It's indeed an edge, that is has apparently fetch me a record, which is what I leveraged on and trying to capitalize on. Though I tend not to fit in for some runway jobs at times because of the height.

What is the typical day of Mubarak Bakare?
Well, I spend my day where necessary, if I don't have fixed schedules then I visit recreational centres for sightseeing or I stay at home and eat well (smiles).

How challenging has combining modeling with you personal life being?
It's not a challenge because it's what I'm happy about. In that case, I don't see it as a hurdle.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Hmmmm...well in five years time, I see myself as one of the most notable multinational brands on the cosmos.

Who are your role models?
Anyone that serves as an inspiration for me becomes my role model (smiles). So I've got enough. So far, you serve as an inspiration for me one way or the other.

Do you think the modeling industry can meet up with the International standard?
With time, perseverance and consistency, it can. I am optimistic.

How do you handle fans?
I tend to show love to everyone and I try as much as possible to be cheerful and polite.

What is your biggest fulfillment as a model?
The fact that I conquered the fear of not being able to cope probably because of being supersized and in turn, it has earned me a record.

Apart from being a model, you're also a designer and an actor. How do you relax in your leisure time?
Sleep. I visit places for sightseeing, get to watch documentaries or explore new things generally.

Your favourite food?
I have a few (grins). Fried rice, pounded yam, potatoes and ketchup noodles.

Your favourite colour?
No favourite colour.

Your favourite quote?
"They left...they will return, but this time not as friends but fans".

Your favourite choice for holiday destination?
I have a lot(grins). Let me say a few. Bruj'Al'Arab in dubai (UAE), Disneyland, Florida, USA.

The best outfit you feel comfortable in?
Shirt and trousers with a pair of brogues.

Your social media platforms for fans to reach you?

@bakare­­_mubarakk on instagram and twitter. Mubarak Bakare on Facebook. IG clothing account @mubbys_clothier. Facebook page:  Bakare Mubarak/mubby's clothier.



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