Saturday 20 May 2017

Life is An Art (Do Women Have Problems?)


Good day lovely fans of the Nitty Wall and welcome to another fascinating episode of 'Life is An Art.'

After Jummat service yesterday, I sat with a close friend of mine and we discussed. Also a serving corps member, she had gotten an opportunity to invigilate for JAMB and she had to take permission for a week break from her place of work.

"Maryam, you wouldn't believe that when I went to work today, I greeted the woman in my office but she didn't respond." She said bitterly.

"Hmm...Women with problems," I replied.

"You're correct. Women have problem. It's so ridiculous. I called my boss on Sunday evening and he had no problem with it. He greeted me cheerfully when I came to work today but the woman is just different."

"That's women for you. They also want to feel important. She's angry because she had also expected you to report to her, explaining why you'd be away for a week from work. You didn't."

"She's not even the boss. Why would I report to her?"

"Cos she's a woman. Women are like that"...

Let's get by with the topic; Do Women have problem? I wouldn't say we have problem. Who am I to openly disregard and accuse a particular gender? I'm also a woman. Would I then say I'm filled with problems? No!

Let's look at the common qualities of a woman. An average woman is fragile, beautiful and innocent. A woman is a complex set of being trying to fulfill several needs at the same time, not knowing which ranks highest in her scale of preference. A woman is insatiable, determined when she wants to get something, relentless and very hardworking. A woman is complex, meddling her thought and wondering which to implement at a particular period of time. A woman has courage and boldness to face whatever obstacles comes her way.

A woman loves to feel important, more important than the woman next to her in beauty, glamour and intelligence. A woman is excessively jealous, wants to be the most superior at all times. A woman is intelligent in that she never forgets how someone have impacted in her life; be it good or bad. This is why she easily get hurts. A woman hardly forgives and when she does, she hardly forgets.

A woman is powerful, she have power to weaken the strongest of men. She is manipulative in nature, knows how to get what she wants at any point in time. A woman is seductive, every part of her body is center of attraction. She can wander into a man's heart with just the spark of her eyes and the innocence of her voice.

Do women then have problem? Women do not have problem? They only respond to the cause of nature. However, care must be taken.

They're exceptions to this but one do not fully come out of this qualities. Age, civilization, advancement in knowledge, increase in spirituality, unique qualities...all reduced this trait. However, one should take note that a woman would always remain a woman.

People often make accusations when women does certain things. "Oh! No wonder, na woman. Na so dem be." Get used to the fact that women are unique and no, women do not have problems.

As always, Life is an art. It is very beautiful and lovely. Although, behind those lovely designs are mistakes and errors. Life is not always the way we want it to be but it is our duty to make ourselves happy.

Remember that life is very short to be unhappy. So forgive quickly, love truly and never forget anything that made you smile!!!

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Have a great day and be happy!

A/N: Happy Saturday to y'all. I'm not a psychologist neither am I someone that critically study the nature of a particular sect of people. It's just the influence of Robert Greene's book.
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