Monday 22 May 2017



The foundation is dedicated to ensuring that children in Nigeria acquire basic education irrespective of gender, so that they can realize their full potential and so contribute to the progress of the nation.
The vision of the organization is to run a community school that  provide children with free access to a complete basic education , developing them in all aspect of their lives.

The aims and objects of the organization are:
  1.  To promote access to basic education among Nigerian children, irrespective of gender
2.     To generate training program where children can develop a skill that could make them self-reliant in their adult age
3.      To provide  adequate food and proper housing for children retrieved from the street, for the length of time that they are being supported
4.     To provide children with cultural and hands on learning experience by embarking on field trips both within the state and outside.
  1. To sensitize children on health and other related issues
6.     To educate parents in rural areas on the need to ensure their children education
7.     To raise awareness among policy makers on the need to make education more affordable and accessible, including advocating for education for all.
  1. To raise funds and to receive donations, gifts and consideration to make provision for the implementation of the above objectives.
  2. To take on lease, purchase or to accept as gift any land or building and to construct structure thereon which may be necessary or convenient for carrying out the above objectives.
  3. Nothing in the above mentioned objectives in this section shall in any way be construed to limit or restrict provisions herein contained but each provision shall be construed as independent objective within the context of the fundamental objectives of the initiative



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