Friday 12 May 2017

The Biggest Shock (Short Story)

I saw him in one of my walk from the stream. I had been with my friends and I stood still, at his captivating look. He was very handsome with dark smooth skin and muscular arms. He was tall and slender in stature. I had never seen him in the village before and it was sure that he was new.
I saw frequently after that day and my mind couldn't get off him. I searched for him in crowds and along the bush path. What fascinated me most was that he grinned at me whenever our eyes met, his teeth as white as the inside of the coconut and his eyes glimmering in delight and passion. It was the most lovely thing I'd ever set my eyes on.
I changed. I reduced the length of my skirt and wore jigida beads around my waist. I improved my walking steps and made up my face to look more beautiful.
I boasted to my friends that I had found the one I love and cherish, a handsome one to be more precise. I planned on talking to him since we had never spoken. We only sent glances to each other.
It was finally the day of my meeting with him. My friends dressed me up like a bride and I beamed excitedly, imagining the look on his face when he sees me.
I was about leaving the hut when I received the biggest shock of my life. My Aunt entered, panting and sweating like someone who had just gotten down from the palm tree. When I asked what of the reason she was that way, I became speechless.
He was newly married and expecting his first child!



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