Monday 8 May 2017


                                                       Episode Five

I had never been that nervous in my life. The minutes I waited for you to join me was terrifying.
I had arranged everything in a perfect way. There was an extra fishing rod lying by my side. It was for you.
I had spent the hours after school scanning through the market for the best fishing rod for you.
At my back was my drawing board with stacks of paint around it. It was the best atmosphere for me to enjoy after school and I had invited you to my schedule.
The river was magnificent and very beautiful; the green grasses at its banks was a very lovely serene to meditate and forget about all sorrows in life.
It was where I got the best inspiration to draw and paint.
The cool breeze that whirled in the evening was friendly and very entertaining.
I sat at the river bank as I dipped my legs into the cool water. Watching the waves form in front of me, I smiled, thinking of what happened today. How you stood for me.
It was like a dream Elsie. You stood for me without knowing me and you accepted my request just like that?
I wondered if you're truly from this world.
"Hi". Your warm hands touched my skin and I was startled out of my thought.
"Oh...Elsie, you're here?" I smiled, trying to ease off the air I had just developed.
"Ah...nothing really. I'm glad you could make it". I gave you an appreciative look.
You were dressed in a simple pink top and jean trouser. Your hair was left loose and you looked really beautiful.
'This place is very lovely Andrew. I never imagined there is a place like this in Ovaron". You admired the whole environment.
It was indeed beautiful!
"I'm glad you like it. This is where I get loose of the day's stress. The perfect place to make my day". I laughed and you joined.
You removed your shoes and dipped your legs into the water, just like I'd done.
"Gosh! This atmosphere is amazing. Why am I just discovering this now?" You pouted your lips in amusement.

"Thanks to me". I laughed, watching your face lit up in delight.
We started fishing some minutes after. I taught you how to fish and you got the skill in no time. I watched the way you clasped your hands excitedly and the sound of your laugh whenever you caught a fish.
With time, we had caught so many fishes.
"I can't believe I went fishing today". You danced around in delight.
"Yeah, I do understand that Elsie. It's always a great experience". I packed the fishes into a bucket.
"The next to do is painting. There is a little workshop". I said proudly, creating the best impression of myself.
"You paint?" You widened your eyes in surprise.
I always knew ladies love artists! ):
"Of course!"
"Wow! Pretty pretty amazing. You're so talented". My face turned red after I heard what you said.
You just praised me Elsie!"
"Don't flatter me".
"It's the truth. Let's get to work".
You studied with full concentration as I taught you the basic rudiments of painting.
You were the best learner I've ever seen Elsie. You listened attentively and answered questions appropriately.
We spent like an hour painting and when we were done, the sun was beginning to set and cloud was turning dark.
It was sure that it'd rain.
"The painting is lovely". You felt its beauty with your eyes.
It was still wet and had to dry. I kept it in my little workshop as I joined you. The rain started to drizzle and I hurried to get you out of the place.
"It's starting to rain. Let's leave before it gets dark". I packed all my stuff, ready to leave.
"No Andrew. Let's dance in the rain".
"What?!" I stared at you in disbelief.
Like seriously? Dance in the rain?
"Yes. I've always wanted to do this, even though my mom wouldn't accept it. Please Andrew?"
"Huh?" I stared at you in disbelief.
How could that be possible? Sounds pretty awkward and childish!
"I know it's pretty awkward and childish but let's do this for fun". You grabbed my hands and dragged me to the rain, like you could read my mind.
"Whoa! I love this! I've always wanted this". You raised your hands swiftly, enjoying the wetness of the rain.
I jumped in the rain and I saw that you were right. It was truly fun. We both laugh as the rain poured on us with full intensity.
I stared at you as you danced in the rain. I had never seen you that happy.
It was then I knew that I was truly in love with you!



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