Monday 15 May 2017


                                                    Episode Six

Jake and I sat at our usual corner in the cafeteria, having lunch. I had told him how the evening went with you and his mouth had been left hanging open.
"Honestly Andrew, I never knew your full potentials. You're truly a genius...winning over Elsie when the so-called Steve didn't get a chance?" Steve hummed playing with a slice of chicken with his fork.
"Don't get me too flattered Jake. She sees me as a friend, someone she can freely talk to". I said sadly.
"You never can tell man. I'll just advice you to take one step at a time".
"That's exactly what I'll do". I said as you and Melissa entered the cafeteria.
You looked quite different. You were a rather loose clothing and you had a big sweater on. Your face was pale and you looked really sick.
You smiled immediately you caught sight of me and you walked to meet me. Melissa had no choice but to follow.
"Speak of the angel". Jake whispered.
"Shh. Please behave well for the meantime Jake. I don't want her seeing that I have a sassy friend like you". I rolled my eyes at him.
"Oh, I'm sassy right?"
"Oops, my bad. We'll talk about this when she leaves". I said as you were got to where we were seated.
"Hi Andrew". You gave a simple wave.
"Hello. Nice to see you again. Meet my friend Jake and Jake, this is Melissa my special friend". I said as Melissa scoffed at me.
"Nice to meet you Jake". You smiled at him.
"You too". Jake replied.
"You look rather sick. Are you okay?" I furrowed my eyebrows in concern.
You stifled an awkward but silent laugh. "It's nothing, just the reaction from the rain yesterday. It's not really bad. At least I didn't catch a flu".
"I still feel bad letting you play in the rain. You look very sick".
"I would be fine Andrew. I don't mind having this cold for having a little fun yesterday". You grinned.
"Okay. I think a hot tea would be best for you".
"Yes. We could go buy one of the best teas after school hours".
"My mom sells the best tea. She would happily make enough for us". I said proudly.
"Okay then, I'd meet you after school hours". You said and left to make your order.
When you left, Melissa didn't follow you. Rather. she walked up to me with an evil look.
"I know your type. Trying to deceive a rich girl for money. Elsie might enjoy your company but I'll never make her fall in love with you. Mark my words". She pointed a finger at me and left.
"Amazing". Jake shook his head as he continued his meal.
*                                 *                                                 *
Jake and I had just Chemistry class when we stumbled into Steve and Lyon on our way out. I knew it'd be a disaster!
"We get to meet again Andrew". Steve me an evil grin.
He was dressed in his usual sleeveless shirt and baseball cap; showing part of his spiky hair.
"Yeah, we've got business to attend to". I tried to leave but he halted my movement by standing in front of you.
"You dare not walk out when I've no finished what I want to say". Steve said as he shoved his hands in his pocket and paced around me in circles.
"Who are you to be chase after what I desire the most?" He said in anger.
"Is anything wrong in my being friend with Elsie?"
"Yes. Everything is wrong. She likes you".
"That's great to hear". I smiled mockingly.
"Seriously? You don't know who you're threading with". Lyon yelled at me.
"Oh I do. The so-called popular boy in Ovaron and his friend".
"We shall see". Steve said as he angrily walked out of the place with Lyon.
"Guess you have two enemies now. The main thing is how to stop them preventing you from getting close to Elsie". Steve said matter-of-factly.



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