Monday 22 May 2017


                                                     Episode Seven

We walked together on the road as the cool breeze soothed our skins, the goose pimples popping out in excitement.
It was a great feeling walking along with you and watching you talk about everything, and watching your deep dimples form when you smile.
We got to my small hut and my mom was as usual, making tea.
My mom was very glad to finally meet you, even though she couldn't see you. She served us tea and you agreed that it was the best tea you've ever drank.
You stayed there for hours before you decided to leave. I saw you off as you went back home.
"I had a really nice time at your place". You smiled.
"What nice? The small and dilapidated hut?" I asked embarrassed.
"It's simple and your mom is really nice. What more do you want? You have to be contented!" You said with a serious look.
"Okay Elsie. Thanks for the advice".
"You're welcome. I'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for always making my day".
"You're welcome. Goodbye Elsie".
"Goodbye Andrew".

*                      *                                            *
"She's nice". My mom said as we had dinner.
I spilled rice away from my mouth as I was shocked to hear that.
"Yes. She's very lovely".
"So you like her?" I asked.
"Yes I do. Do you love her?"
"With all my heart Mama". I placed my hand right over my chest to show the extent of my love.
Though my mom couldn't see any of these.
"Does she know?"
"I don't think so", I frowned, scratching my hair, "I'm really different from her. I'm practically not her type".
"There's nothing bad in trying son".
"I'm just scared. Our friendship might break if I tell her how I feel".
"You don't know how she feels about you until you express yourself".
"Alright mama. I'll think about that". I ate the rest of my food silently.
I had just packed the dishes to wash when Jake entered.
"Hey you". He smacked me on my right hand, falling the spoons to the ground.
"The heck? Why are you even here by this time?"
"Because I'm losing my best friend. Elsie has snatched me from you". He faked a loud cry.
"Aw. That's so sad to hear. What should we do about this Elsie of a girl?" I placed my hand on Jake's shoulder, pretending to be deep in thought.
"I have no idea. She's driving my best friend crazy. Imagine that he didn't come for my mom's vegetable rice because he went out with Elsie". Jake pouted his lips.
Yeah! I never miss Jake mother's vegetable rice. It's always the best. It's my first time of missing it, and that's because I was with you, Elsie.
"Life is unfair you know". Jake cleaned fake tears with the sleeve of his shirt.
"What can the best friend do to compensate for hurting his friend?" I asked as Jake face lit up in amusement.
"Well, he can attend the ground feast held at the community's circle. Elsie should also be present". Jake said as my eyes almost popped out of its socket.
Elsie? Present?
I ran to inform my mom that I'd be going out with Jake and so we walked our way to the community's circle.
It was always a fun night every end of the month. A lady would be chosen and different men would try to win her heart. At the end, she would choose one of them and they would dance round the circle. It was a night of feast and merriment. I've never attended one but I did this time around just for you, Elsie.

A/N: Speaking of vegetable rice, I made one not long ago and it was terrible. I had made it in an unusual way, boiling onion and pumpkin leave with rice. I ate it for breakfast and it was nice. I enjoyed it. Eating the leftover for supper was had this slippery feeling in the tongue and gosh! I almost vomited. I had to throw the rest away. Well I guess I can't make vegetable rice as much as Jake's mother.
Do you have a best friend you can't do without? One you share an inseparable bond with just like Andrew and Jake? Tag that lovely friend you love so much.
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