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                                                 Episode Four

It was after school hours. The basketball players teamed themselves at the field while the on-lookers took their positions.
I braced myself as I walked to the field. I've never been good at sporting activities. Going to the field and attempting to play basketball was all to impress you.
Jake had preferred to stay in class and finish his Physics assignment because he couldn't stand to see me being disgraced.
As I walked to the field, I saw you sit amidst the crowd, with Melissa as usual.
You had a big smile plastered on your face like it's an event you've longed to see. You were putting on a red outfit and your hair was left to fall to your back...It only made you more beautiful. Your lips were painted in red and it only made you more rosy.
I walked to where the basketball players were. They were set to play.
"I want to join the basketball team". I said to one of the team members.
It took a while for the skinny tall boy to decipher what I'd said. It was like I had spoken a language different from English.
He looked at me disgustingly from head to toe before replying. "You have to meet the captain, Steve". He pointed at him.
I held my fist as I cringed in anger. He was in a deep conversation with his friend, Lyon.
Steve was the most arrogant guy I've ever met and it took me great effort to walk up to him but I did, because of you Elsie.
"Hello Steve". I said as their conversation was intruded.
Steve turned to see who had cut his discussion. 'What do you want?" He rolled his eyes at me.
"I want to join the team". I said non-challantly.
Steve stared at Lyon in disbelief and they both cracked up in mockery.
"Why do you think you've got what it takes to be part of our team?"
"Because I know that I can do this".
Lyon walked up to look me straight in the eyes. He was no different from Steve. No wonder they were friends.
"I'll advice you to leave the field before you get disgraced. I'm sure you wouldn't want the whole school to tag you as an object of ridicule. It's a sincere advice I can give to you". He scowled at me.
"Let him be Lyon. I know the perfect way to deal with his type". Steve stood up and walked to the front of the field.
"Hello everyone. We have a new team member who thinks he is better than all of us". He said as the crowd roared in anger.
He continued. "If he really think that he is that good, I think he should show us what he's got".
'Yes. Show us what you've got loser!" The crowd yelled at me.
I turned to you and I saw your gaze at me. It was the first time you'd ever looked at me and I smiled slightly; having achieved my aim.
Unlike others, you had a pitiful look on your face knowing full well who Steve was.
You were different from others. No wonder I was drawn towards you.
"Look everyone, I'm gonna pair him with the weakest of players. Let's see what he got". Steve said as I walked to the middle of the field and a short skinny boy joined me.
He spat to the ground in protest as I narrowed my eyes at him. I turned to take a long glimpse at you. You were praying silently, wishing that I'd make everyone wrong.
Well, I didn't and I couldn't. It's not like I could play basketball. It was actually my first time of holding a ball. The short skinny boy was on time to grab the ball and shoot into its nest.
He should be one of the 'shooting guard'.
"Whoops!" Steve  grimaced as the whole crowd roared in delight.
We played several times and the short skinny boy kept on shooting the ball effortlessly.
The crowd kept on cheering and I was there, like an outcast; rejected from everyone except you.
"See what I said? You can't even beat my worst player". He gave an evil smirk.
"Leave the field one leg! You're a loser! Get off poorie". Screams were all in the air, and they were all for me.
I felt warm wetness on my cheeks and it was then I realized that I was crying. I had come there to prove to you that I'm the type of man you want but I ended up disgracing myself.
I felt ashamed and useless. I felt like a failure.
Steve had everything. He was handsome, very rich and popular, and he was the Captain of the basketball team.
I was walking out of the field when you stepped out and faced everyone.
"Let him be!" You screamed at the top of your lungs as everywhere grew silent.
"What is wrong with you guys? He came interested in playing basketball and you all teased him that way. It clearly shows that he is a novice. Why do you all lack encouragement? Every player here, including Steve started the same way. They had to learn about the sport before they became good in it. He has the right to learn and you all have to encourage him." She said as the audience looked at themselves with guilt.
Steve stared at you in shock and disbelief. He couldn't believe you could stand up for me like that.
He grabbed your hands to have a private talk with you but his anger made his words loud enough for me to hear.
'Why did you defend him? You don't even know who he is!"
"Do I have to know?," You folded your hands and gave him an unbelievable look, "The fact remains that you were very unfair".
"How was I being unfair?" He dared to ask.
"You lied to everyone about him. You never gave him a chance to learn. Rather, you put him up to a big challenge and disgraced him in front if everyone". You scowled.
"I'm the captain!" He held your hand tighter and you struggled to pull it out of his grips.
I was about to walk up to you and save you from Steve when he released you and walked to his teammates.
"Today is cancelled. We continue tomorrow". He carried his backpack and stormed out of the field.
I've never been so much amused in my whole life. I couldn't believe that Steve could be pulled off that way. It was then I had no regret of coming to the field.
Since the game was cancelled, people left the field one after the other.
I saw you with Melissa. You were going to your car and I hurried to have a talk with you before you leave.
"Hi". I waved awkwardly. just as you were about to open the car door.
"Hello". You smiled sweetly and your eyes lit up in glamour.
You were more beautiful than I'd ever perceived you. Your face was very precious, roundly shaped and very beautiful. The deep dimples that appeared at the side of your cheeks when you smiled was lovely.
"I'm Andrew". I grinned at you and you smiled away, blushing.
"I'm Elsie".
"I know. You're quite popular". I said as your cheeks turned light pink.
I had flutters in my stomach watching you blush because of me.
I couldn't imagine being in a real world with you. I thought talking to you, seeing your adorable look and smile could only be in a dream.
I blinked for moments to be sure that I wasn't dreaming.
It was real Elsie...I was with you...talking to you.
"Thank you". You appreciated what I said, playing with the tip of your blouse in a shy way.
"I...em. I'm sorry to disturb or keep you waiting. I just wanted to thank you for defending me at the field. It means a whole lot to me". I gave you a grateful look.
"Oh", you chuckled, "You're making me feel embarrassed. That was nothing. Steve deserves to be taught a lesson". You said matter-of-factly.
"I'm still grateful. Thanks so much Elsie".
"You're welcome".
"Elsie, we need to start leaving". Melissa groaned as she gave an irritated look.
"Okay Andrew. I have to leave now". Elsie laughed as she opened the car door.
I stopped her before she entered.
'I was wondering if you'd love to hang out later. I go fishing in the evening. I don't know if you'd love to join me". I scratched my rough hair, wondering what her reply would be.
Her eyes lit up in excitement. "Are you for real??? I've always loved fishing...though my Parents are usually scared of letting me go alone. It'd be fun if you go with me". She said excitedly.
"Alright then, it's a date. We meet by evening".
'Okay. Bye". She smiled at me.
"Let's leave now Elsie. I can't imagine you talking with that nobody". Melissa rolled her eyes at me as she entered the car.
"Who is a nobo...". It was the last I heard from them because as soon as they entered the car, they drove off.
I felt like the happiest person on earth as I watched the car leave the school premises.
I turned to see Jake at the door of the school entrance. He had a huge smirk on his face. I'm sure he had witnessed all that happened recently.
"Andrew! Andrew!", he sang and walked up to me, "I'm quite impressed. You deserve a handshake". He grabbed my hand and shook it roughly.
"Thanks man".
"How did you do that?"
"Do what?"
"How were you able to pull Elsie off her feet. I need to take lessons from you">.
'Oh, it's nothing". I shrugged.
"Really, nothing? Gist me Andrew. I missed out on a lot while I was in class". He placed his arm around my neck as he usually does, expecting nothing less than the entire story.
I explained every bit of what happened as we walked out of the school premises.

 A/N: We're back in another week...thanks to God's grace. I'm really sorry for not fulfilling most of my promises, but we are in Nigeria, and things don't usually go as we planned.
The poor epileptic power supply have kept me off the page throughout the weekend and I'm glad to be back here with you guys...nothing feels better right now.
Well, the episode is a real and long one. I hope you enjoy every part of it.
Happy reading!


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