Sunday 25 June 2017

Eid Vibes

Eid Mubarak to you all!!! It's great to be back on this platform; hale and hearty, writing this to you.
What can I say? I feel great to witness this Eid. I vividly remember how I celebrated last Eid-ul-Fitr, in school last year. We were still working on our project. It was the first time I celebrated Eid without my family. Celebrating it with my friends was great. I had fun, ate lots of food, watched the movies I'd pulled off during Ramadan.
Witnessing the completion of another Ramadan and Eid is a great priviledge to appreciate Allah for sparing our lives and making us gain from the hefty reward Ramadan brings with it.
I'm celebrating this Eid praying that I'd live to witness that of next year. Life is really short, so every time counts.
How would you celebrating this Eid? For me, I will be celebrating it with  my family... taking pictures, lots of foods...small chops, my sister's jollof rice (Better than Jenifa's own) and most of all, with you guys.
The Nitty Wall is back after the so-called one month break. I feel very fulfilled to be back with you guys. There will be an Eid bonus. I'm not really promising and I wish I do something on that.
More to come your way this week on the Nitty Wall...loads and loads of exciting and thrilling articles. For now, I wish you a great Eid Celebration and I need to let you know that the Nitty Wall always love you and will always do!


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