Monday 26 June 2017

The Letter

                                                     Episode Eight
When Jake and I got there, you were in the middle of the circle, dressed in a traditional wear and lots of boys were trying to win your heart. You frowned as they made advances to you, Steve being the lead of them. You got angry as you tried to pull away from him but you couldn't.
As you caught sight of me, you exerted all the strength you had out of his grip and ran towards me. Elsie, you hugged me. You hugged me so tightly that I could feel your heart beat in my chest. Your body was so warm that I wondered if I had a thick blanket to cover me up from the fierce weather. I couldn't explain the feeling I had. You held your hands tight at my back, not willing to let go.
"He's the one I choose". You said to the crowd, people cheering.
"It's not fair. It's a competition. You have to choose among those who tried to win your heart in the circle. He only came here and he hasn't even tried yet". Steve said as everyone agreed.
"Will you do this? Try win my heart at the circle?" You said softly, your eyes fixed on mine.
"Yes". I glared at Steve as I walked up to the stage, my hand in yours.
I knelt on a knee, staring at you. "Elsie, words cannot explain how I feel about you. If there's anything I could use to describe this feelings other than love, I would. You're beautiful Elsie, lovely and very pretty; both in and out. Your character is outstanding. You care for others just like yourself. You love everyone. You're humble, kind and very caring. That's why I love you more Elsie. I adore you Elsie. You're the best feeling I've ever received in a long time. You're amazing.
I may not have the time or opportunity to tell you how I feel but right now, this is how I feel about you. I love you Elsie!". I said as you smiled, a smile of satisfaction, happiness and love.
The crowd cheered as you pulled me again, into a big hug.
"Elsie has found her love". People said as we sat together, eating roasted lamb and enjoying the sweet merriment.
Whenever I turned to look at you, I'd see you smiling at me. It was like a dream Elsie, that you accepted me who was a nobody.
"Let's dance". You said dragging my hand.
"Come on Andrew, let's enjoy tonight's fun". You smirked, pulling me to where other couples were.
I danced away with you, enjoying every moment of me. Steve winked at me as he watched both of us, dancing away our sorrow. I could see Melissa at a corner scoffing. I didn't know who was angrier between Steve and Melissa. They both held a great resentment towards me.
After we danced and resumed our seat, Melissa walked to us, with a worried look.
"Can I see you privately Elsie?" She said to you, rolling her eyes at me.
"Can't it wait till after this? I'm having a nice time here".
"It can't wait!" She yelled.
"Okay". You followed her reluctantly.
I watched you leave my sight, wondering what her mission was. It was only two seconds after you left that Jake came, dragging me to a closed place.
"Listen to what Melissa says. She may be trying to change Elsie's heart towards you". Jake whispered as I walked deeper into the bush, eavesdropping their conversation.
"Why are you flirting with that poor boy?" Melissa scowled at you.
"I'm not flirting with him. Besides, he has a name. Andrew". You frowned at your best friend.
"When did you become like this? You've never liked a boy this much. Why is Andrew different".
"He's different, that's why I love him. I don't think there's anything wrong with liking a boy at this stage of my life".
"Everything is wrong and that's because that Andrew of a guy is involved". She insisted, expressing her hatred for me.
"Why do you hate him so much. Have you seen him doing anything bad, or is it because he's not from a well-to-do family like ours?"
"Yes Elsie, that's the reason. I feel he is after your Parents wealth. Elsie, I'm your best friend and I love you so much. All I want is to see you happy. I don't want anything that would hurt you".
"Then let me fall in love". You said, storming out of her presence and running out of the gathering, into the dark.
He's different, that's why I love him. I remembered what you had said to Elsie. I then remembered the graceful hug you had given me when Jake and I arrived at the community's circle. All was like a dream to me.



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