Wednesday 28 June 2017

The Letter

                                                 Episode Nine
I tried to keep pace with you Elsie, but you were long gone in the dark and I couldn't trace your where about. I however spent the night thinking of you. All my thoughts were drifted to you, Elsie.
I hardly slept and after the cock's crow, I stood giddily from the bed and dressed up for school. My mom made her usual hot tea and I hurriedly drank it. I really needed it in my system.
Jake and I usually meet up at the middle of the road and then we would walk to school. When I got to our usual waiting point, Jake had not gotten there and so I stood, waiting for him to meet up with me.
I hadn't waited for minutes that I caught sight of him.
"Whoa! You're so early this morning". Jake screamed as he walked up to me.
Yeah, I was always the one being waited for but this time, I had gotten there really early.
He smirked, seeing my bulgy eyes which was a sign of sleeplessness.
"Really? You didn't sleep?" He cracked up.
"Kind off". I messaged the end of my neck.
"Very funny. Andrew couldn't sleep because Elsie's in his mind".
"Not funny. I don't wanna talk about it please". I said shyly, hiding my face from him.
"There's nothing to be shy about. You love her. She loves you. That's the main deal okay?"

*                                                            *                                                                       *
We shared this class together; history class. You entered quite late and there was an empty seat beside me. Steve had called you to sit beside him but you declined, taking the next seat just beside me. Melissa and gone elsewhere to find a place to sit.
"Hi" You smiled at me before opening your books.
"Hello". I smiled back, catching Jake's wink.
He was right. I couldn't concentrate throughout the lecture. My mind was all on you, imagining that the person beside me was the one I love, the one that had showered so much love to me. It was too good to be true.
There was a short break after the lecture and we walked out together.
"You just disappeared into the blue last night. What happened?"
"Oh, I'm so sorry Andrew. I wasn't feeling too well and I just had to leave the circle. I'm sorry if I made you nervous". You apologized.
"No problem Elsie"
"And..thanks for standing up for me. You really made my night". You said sparkling your lovely eyes.
"I...what can I say? Thank you Elsie". I chucked shyly.
That was when Steve and Lyon got to the stage, dragging me fiercely out of the school building.



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