Sunday 16 July 2017

Cook's Corner

                                                                Black Soup
One and the half cups of blended bitter leaf soup
One cup of Efirin/Basil
One piece of stock fish
One piece of smoked fish
2-3 pieces of ata rodo
Half cup of crayfish
Three spoons of palm oil
Knorr cubes
How To Prepare
1. Boil and season your meats. Cook meats with a strong smoked fish variety.
2. Wash the bitter leafs. When it is less bitter, put in a blender and blend till smooth.
3. Pick the efirin/ basil leave off the stalk. Rinse and blend.
4. Blend the ata rodo and add to the pot of cooked meats and stock.
5. Add 3 spoons of palm oil.
6. Add crayfish and knorr cubes.
7. Add the blended efirin. Let the soup cook for another 5 minutes and serve.



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